GRIMSBY, CLINTON AND NORFOLK COUNTIES, ONTARIO, CANADA: Around 1794, William Walker Sr., with his wife Sarah, nine of their children, David and Elizabeth Palmer's family, and the widow Margaret McCool's family came to Grimsby and Clinton Twps, Lincoln County, Ontario. In his petition for land dated July 10, 1794, William states he was in the army of Lord Cornwallis and that he has just arrived with his family, four of which are men able to bear arms, from North Carolina. He further states he has suffered everything but death by the American Revolution. He had property in eight hundred acres of land taken from him and sold by the rebels. William further pledges he faithfully adhered to the British Government and can procure witnesses of his loyalty. He requested an allotment of land adequate to his family and asked that his long travel, nearly one thousand miles be considered.
On July 12, 1796, William states that he has received for himself and family, consisting of a wife and nine children, twelve hundred acres, Grant No. 139, and praying for additional lands at the Long Point Settlement. The land granted to William Walker Sr. was located in Grimsby Township Lots 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, Con VII. Later the map of Clinton Township, shows William Walker Sr. had also received Lots 19 & 20, Con. B, F, and I on the shore of Lake Ontario, where he and his family lived until his death in 1819. This land was at the end of "The Thirty Road", which at that time was known as "The Harbour", a port of call for lakeboats for many years. William Walker Sr., a Loyalist from North Carolina, is credited with having been Clinton Township's first settler. He was active in the social and business life of both Clinton and Grimsby Townships. In 1804, William was recorded as one of five "Freeholders" to choose two representatives of the district to run for members of the Assembly of Upper Canada and his name was on the voters list of 1812, 1816, and on all subscription lists for the building of the first church in Grimsby township.
In 1796, the following of William's children were granted their own lots in Townsend Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario (Long Point Settlement) with their families and had cleared over ten acres:
1. John Walker requested Lot 2, Con 8 in Townsend Twp. He cleared over ten acres while awaiting verification of his land petition which was granted in 1799. In 1801, John Walker sold to Fredrick Sovereen two hundred acres 2/8 To. and in 1806, John sold Lots 9 & 10, Con 12 in Grimsby Twp. to Robert Nelles.
2. William Walker Jr requested and received a land grant in 1796 for Lot 1, Con 9 Townsend Twp. William's brother Ralph had petitioned for Lot 8, Con 7 in 1796. There was however some dispute of ownership and it was determined that Calven Cooley was owner. In 1797, the land was prized by Robert Averill who valued it at nine dollars after William had shown he had done substantial work on the lot. Calven Cooley agreed to the price and quit all right and title to Lot 8, Con 7. In 1799, William requested a lease on Lot 2 Con 9 in Townsend Twp. In 1810, his wife Margaret received her own grant as a daughter of the U.E. Loyalist, Archibald McCool. Her two hundred acres of land were located in Walsingham. Other land transactions for William and Margaret: 1811 to Benjamin Collver two hundred acres 1/9 To, 1811 from William McCool one hundred acres SHf5/9, 1811 from Joseph McCool one hundred acres NHf6/9, 1811 from Joseph McCool one hundred acres SHf6/9, 1811 to John Barber one hundred acres SHf5/9 and one hundred acres SHf6/9, 1811 from John Barber in all sixty three acres Pf5&6/9, 1813 from John Singer two hundred acres 15/7 Wo, and 1813 to Ezekiel Foster two hundred acres 15/7 Wo.
3. Ralph Walker Sr. requested Lot 8 Con 7 in Norfolk Co., which he let his brother William take over. Ralph Sr. received a Crown Grant of 200 acres of land in Grimsby Twp., Lot 16 Con III, on top of the escarpment which later was known as "Fair View".
4. Isaac Walker requested Lot 8 Con 8 Townsend Twp. in 1796. However in 1797, Paul Averill ascertained Lot 8 Con 8 had been requested by Isaac Petitt as well. Mr. Averill recognized Isaac Walker as the first improver and had the best right to it. The claim of Isaac Petitt was annulled. Other land transactions: In 1800 Ancaster Twp., 8/8 to (878), in 1803 to Job Slaght two hundred acres 8/8 To. Isaac's name was on the voter's list in 1808 on Lot 36 in Ancaster Twp.
In the years 1861 through 1890, several of the children of those named above moved their families to Kent, Montcalm, Ionia, and Saginaw Counties, Michigan.

I have finished transcribing the "Map of the County of Norfolk. Canada West.", published by George C. Tremaine, Kingston, C.W., 1856. The map is engraved by D. and J. McLellan, New York City from drawings by Walsh and Mercer, P. L.Srs., Simcoe, with drawings and engraved views of homes and land plot ownership by George C. Tremaine.

1. Norfolk House, Simcoe, by Mead and Browne, The Property of A. Walsh Esq.
2. Residence of Abner Owen Esq., Woodhouse.
3. Residence of James G. Wilson, Simcoe.
4. Residence of George W. Kent, Simcoe.
5. Residence of (?) Campbell Esq., Simcoe.
6. Residence of Walker Powell Esq., Port Dover.
7. Residence of Alfred Owens Esq., Woodhouse.
8. Norfolk County Court House and Jail.
9. Residence of John A. Axford, Woodhouse.
10. Residence of Richard Mead Esq., Woodhouse.
11. Dr. Merritt, Waterford.
12. Dealers in General Groceries, Wines, Liquors and Crockery, corner of Norfolk St., Simcoe.
13. Residence of James Walker Esq., Woodhouse.
14. Powell's Block, (no town named).
15. Residence of James W. Ritchie Esq., Simcoe.
16. Wilson Brothers & Co., Norfolk St., Simcoe.
17. Rowan Mills, Walsingham, Farmer and de Blaquiere, Proprietor.
18. Residence of Thos. Walsh, Simcoe.
19. Residence of James L. Green Esq., Waterford.
20. Residence of Peter O'Carr Esq., Townsend.
21. Residence of Mrs. Powell, Port Dover.
22. New Mills, Ritchie, Ford & Co., Simcoe.
23. General Store, Bowan Mills, by Wyld and Forsyth, Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware & Crockery.
24. Residence of Mrs. Marr, Woodhouse.
25. Stearn's Hotel and Stearn's Stable, Port Rowan.
26. Residence of E. Bingham Esq., Walsingham.
27. Lynn Grove Academy. 4th Con, Windham, Horatio S. Courtland, Proprietor.
28. Residence of Andrew Lees C.E. Port Dover.

1. Wm. Salmon, County Judge, Simcoe.
2. H.V.A. Rapelje, High Sheriff, Simcoe.
3. Wm. M. Wilson, Clerk of the Peace, Simcoe.
4. S.J. Fuller, County Clerk, Simcoe.
5. A. Walsh, Dep. County Register, Simcoe.
6. Henry Graff, County Treasurer, Simcoe.
7. A.B. Rapelje, Dep. Clerk of the Crown.
8. Wm. B. Ozbourn, Jailor, Simcoe.
1. Rev. F. Evans, Simcoe.
2. Rev. Geo. Bell, Simcoe.
3. Rev. Geo. Salmon, Simcoe.
4. Rev. Samuel Harris, Simcoe.
5. Rev. Abram Ausun, Woodhouse.
6. Rev. Geo. J. Ryerse, Pt. Ryerse.
7. Rev. Mr. Slaght, Townsend.
8. Rev. Isaac Crane, Fredrickburgh.
9. Rev. William Wood, St. Williams.
1. Wilson and Osbourne Barrister & c., Simcoe.
2. M.H. Foley, Simcoe.
3. G.B. VanNorman, Simcoe.
4. G.F. Stanton, Simcoe.
1. Charles Wm. Covernton, MD, Simcoe.
2. Henry Crouse, MD, Simcoe.
3. John Clarke, MD, Simcoe.
4. G.M. Salmon, MD, Simcoe.
5. David Duncombe, MD, Waterford.
6. J.A. Merritt, MD, Waterford.
7. Alfred Bowlby, MD, Waterford.
8. Charles Seagar, MD, Port Dover.
9. E.W. Gates, MD, Fredricksburgh.
10. J.R. Graham, MD, Vittoria.
11. Daniel Wiers, Botanie, Colborne.
12. John Phelan, MD, Port Rowan.
1. Ritchie, Ford & Co., Simcoe.
2. Wilson Brothers & Co., Simcoe.
3. J.A. Lyons, Simcoe.
4. P.S. Stewart. Simcoe.
5. Salmon and Ansley, Simcoe.
6. Amos G. Merrill, Simcoe.
7. L.G. Sovereen, Simcoe.
8. J.M. Ross & Co., Simcoe.
9. Wallace and Jones, Simcoe.
10. Edwin Powell & Co., Port Dover.
11. Boss & Evans, Port Dover.
12. Norman B. Shofield, Port Dover.
13. James Riddell, Port Dover.
14. Wm. Inman, Port Dover.
15. W.H. Ryerse, P.M., Port Ryerse.
16. E. Matthews (retired), Port Ryerse.

Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County.

The Cons run from east to west, the Lots are mostly rectangle running north and south. I will be including town names and other landmarks in the Lot or Lots where they occur.
Lot 1 David Price, A.M., and D. Stackhouse.
Lot 2 D. Stackhouse and Mary Colwell.
Lot 3 B. Tisdale, W. Ferry, E. Kern and J. Slaght.
Lot 4 J.M. Smith and Issac Graham.
Lot 5 E.M. Ryerson.
Lot 6 A.P., P.F. and Estate of W.B.
Lot 7 Wm. Liftus, D.W.B. and J.B. Smith.
Lot 8 J.B. Smith and L. Keen.
Lot 9 J. Schram, J. Jennings and Titus Finch.
Lot 10 J. Schram, Jonas Finch, B. Finch and J. Yeomans.
Lot 11 J. Spencer, (?) Woodward and J. Brying.
Lot 12 F.L. Walsh and Jonas VanNorman.
Lot 13 (?) Terlaine, F.L. Walsh and A. Jewell.
Lot 14 Wm. Guyler and Wm. Ollives.
Lot 15 B. Tisdale and Mrs. Johnson.
Lot 16 Ch. Oaks and H. McKempt.
Lot 17 H. Cornell and Jos. Tisdale Esq.
Lot 18 Jos. Tisdale Esq. and H. Overholt.
Lot 19 Mrs. Chadwick and D. Fisher Esq.
Lot 20 J. Bonser, N. Montross and R. Montross.
Lot 21 Jos. Chadwick and Jos. Tweedale.
Lot 22 L.G. Mitchell and E. Winters.
Lot 23 L.G. Mitchell and E. Mitchell.
Lot 24 H. Oaks and A. Stickney.

Lot 1 P.P. Price and D. Procks.
Lot 2 Sam. Johnson, J.B.H. and T. Price.
Lot 3 C. Hunter.
Lot 4 T.C. Street and Hay Lands.
Lot 5 Thos. Bays.
Lot 6 Jos. Baker and John Peters.
Lot 7 A. Leam, B.P. and D. Bissette.
Lot 8 Benj. Pamerton.
Lot 9 M.S. Dolan and John Schram.
Lot 10 Mrs. Jewell.
Lot 11 W. Ward and F.L. Walsh Esq.
Lot 12 Jas. Moore and F.L.W.
Lot 13 A. Toms and (can't read).
Lot 14 D. Bumwart.
Lot 15 Wm. Dolye and H. Oaks.
Lot 16 Col. W. Anderson and R. Oaks.
Lot 17 J. Wood Esq.
Lot 18 J. Wood Esq. and O. Cornell.
Lot 19 J. Wood Esq. and T. Chadwich.
Lot 20 O. Mabee and D. Hagar.
Lot 21 P. Terhune.
Lot 22 Late J. Hooker and L. Mitchell
Lot 23 L. Mitchell and E.M. Ryerse.
Lot 24 Geo. Ryerse.

Lot 1 A. Huses.
Lot 2 Wm. Cope.
Lot 3 T.C. Street and P.& R.
Lot 4 Canada Co., J. Lung and G. Wedge.
Lot 5 T.C.S., P.& R. and Ch. Lynn.
Lot 6 W. Guyler, H. Oaks and Geo. Wright.
Lot 7 Col. Anderson, E.L. Potts and J. Wood.
Lot 8 J. Walsh and F. Birdsell.
Lot 9 D. Bumwart.
Lot 10 A. Bryning, J. Henry and E. Ward.
Lot 11 Joel Davis and A. Toms.
Lot 12 J. Walsh, A. Andrews, J. Cromwell and E. Birdsell.
Lot 13 J. Miller and John Walsh.
Lot 14 W. Russell, J. Oaks and R. Havens.
Lot 15 W. Cowan and Col. Wm. Anderson.
Lot 16 E.L.P. and Col. Wm. Anderson.
Lot 17 E.L. Potts and Wm. Oaks.
Lot 18 E.L. Potts.
Lot 19 O. Mabee, W. Fich and P.W. Rapeljee.
Lot 20 P.W.R. and F.L. Walsh Esq. (Town of Kittoria).
Lot 21 J. Ross and P. Terhune.
Lot 22 H. Anderson and Ch. Gustin.
Lot 23 Mrs. Teeple.
Lot 24 A. Scott and H. Church.

Lot 1 C.P. Williams.
Lot 2 B. Craygen and C.P. Williams.
Lot 3 C.P. Williams.
Lot 4 B.A. Colbourne and J. Moore.
Lot 5 Canada Co.
Lot 6 M.C. and Hay Land.
Lot 7 E.L. Potts, W. Doyle and A. McL.
Lot 8 Thos. Mitchell, B. Munro and W. Oaks.
Lot 9 J. Thomas, R. Havens and B. Havens.
Lot 10 W. Kanoff.
Lot 11 J. Cromwell and John Spencer.
Lot 12 J. Cromwell, A.B.W., E.L. Walsh and W. Ward.
Lot 13 D.B. Smith and J. Miller.
Lot 14 C. Monro and R. Monro.
Lot 15 Wm. Cowan Jr.
Lot 16 W. Cowan Sr.
Lot 17 D. McColl.
Lot 18 J. McCall and S. McCall.
Lot 19 W. Finch and O. Mabee.
Lot 20 Miss Anderson.
Lot 21 Jos. Tisdale.
Lot 22 H. Mabee.
Lot 23 Geo. Jones.
Lot 24 J. Covernton Esq. and R. Gilbert.

Lot 1 C.P. Williams.
Lot 2 P.E. Young and J. Mahon.
Lot 3 W. Monro, A. Monro and D. Monro.
Lot 4 Miss Jennings, J.C. Hall, J. Butler and J. Tuttle.
Lot 5 T.C.S. and P.& R.
Lot 6 T.C. Street.
Lot 7 J. Usher.
Lot 8 T.C. Street.
Lot 9 Wm. Finch and J. Finch.
Lot 10 Hy. Palmerton.
Lot 11 J. Card, D. Walsh and A. Walsh.
Lot 12 A. Oren, F. Walsh and A.M. Walsh.
Lot 13 Miss Fairchilds, O. McCall and S. McCall.
Lot 14 P. Mabee and Thos. Mitchell.
Lot 15 J. Smith and S. Smith.
Lot 16 B. Shearer and John Anderson.
Lot 17 G. Mabee and O. Mabee.
Lot 18 E. Tisdale.
Lot 19 A. Terhune and Mrs. Wells.
Lot 20 D. Shearer.
Lot 21 Hy. Anderson Esq.
Lot 22 Sam. Smith.
Lot 23 Capt. D. McCall.
Lot 24 A.W. Smith.

Lot 1 T.C. Street.
Lot 2 T.C. Street.
Lot 3 Clergy Reserve.
Lot 4 Asa Walker.
Lot 5 D. McCall.
Lot 6 T.C. and Hay Land.
Lot 7 T.C. and Hay Land.
Lot 8 T.C. and Hay Land.
Lot 9 J. Smith, A. Smith, J. Miller and (can't read).
Lot 10 Wm. Finch and D. Walsh.
Lot 11 D.W. McCall, D.W. and W.P.
Lot 12 A. Owen Jr.
Lot 13 H. Palmerton.
Lot 14 B. Palmerton.
Lot 15 W. Thorold and F. Thorold.
Lot 16 G. Shearer.
Lot 17 R.N. Shearer and J. McCall.
Lot 18 J. McCall and E. McCall.
Lot 19 A. Terhune.
Lot 20 Jo. Kitchen.
Lot 21 G. Shearer.
Lot 22 Wm. McCall.
Lot 23 Wm. McCall.
Lot 24 Capt. D. McCall.

Lot 1 R. Winters and R. Kitchen.
Lot 2 A. Holiday and J. Hudson.
Lot 3 J. Losie.
Lot 4 S.& A. Montgomery and Canada Co.
Lot 5 H. Pollock and W. Stratton.
Lot 6 D. Dishrow, G. Mabee and W. Cowan.
Lot 7 T.C. Street and P.& R.
Lot 8 P.& Ranolds.
Lot 9 W. Edmund, D. Rutherford and B. Shearer.
Lot 10 John Smith and H. Buchner.
Lot 11 W. Cowan, G. Mabee and A. Mabee.
Lot 12 W. Cowan and Wm. McCall.
Lot 13 John Thoroughgood and G. Baker.
Lot 14 John Boyd and Ja. Covernton.
Lot 15 S. McCall, W. Pilky and J. Thoroughgood.
Lot 16 J. Covernton Esq. and Geo. Jones.
Lot 17 J. Coverton, O. Mabee, G. Mabee and E. Tisdale.
Lot 18 Wm. Goodland.
Lot 19 F.H.W., W.J. McC. and Hy. Anderson.
Lot 20 J. Covernton Esq. and S. Smith.
Lot 21 J. Covernton Esq.
Lot 22 J. Culver and J. Lemon.
Lot 23 B. Howey and Wm. Moore.
Lot 24 H. Woolley and J. Decow.

Lot 1 W. Bigeraft.
Lot 2 W. Bigeraft.
Lot 3 J. Stringer.
Lot 4 A. Bowlby and Hay Land.
Lot 5 A. McIntyre and W. Smithson.
Lot 6 Harriet Mitchell.
Lot 7 S. Jones and S. Usher.
Lot 8 R. Gordon and J.W. Matthews.
Lot 9 Phillip Slaght and R. Havens.
Lot 10 J. Longtree.
Lot 11 H. Birrell.
Lot 12 Crown Lands.
Lot 13 E.J. Gundy and E. Adams.
Lot 14 T.C. Street.
Lot 15 Canada Co. and R. Powell.
Lot 16 J.M. Tisdale.
Lot 17 Clergy Reserve.
Lot 18 Geo. Dell and D.B. Dell.
Lot 19 Baldridge & Phillips.
Lot 20 H. Woolley, S. Smith and G. Shearer.
Lot 21 D.& J. Shearer, D. McCall, P. Smith and A. McCall.
Lot 22 J. Smith and J. Culver.
Lot 23 J. Shepard, J. Hambadge and P. Smith.
Lot 24 J. Wilson and D. McCall.

Lot 1 (?) Williams, G. Brown and P. Lee.
Lot 2 J. Losie, J. Wait and E. Ferguson.
Lot 3 J. Losie and J. Ferguson Esq.
Lot 4 N. Massecar.
Lot 5 W. Smithson and Moff & Smoke.
Lot 6 T.C. Smith.
Lot 7 J. Birdsell.
Lot 8 Jacob Coll and Geo. Curtis.
Lot 9 S.J. Fuller and A. Fairchild.
Lot 10 F. Byer, J. Sovereen and L. Earl.
Lot 11 J. Birdwell and Canada Co.
Lot 12 J. Linsay and Dunlop Lands.
Lot 13 T.C. Street and Dunlop Lands.
Lot 14 T.C. Street and Dunlop Lands.
Lot 15 B.U. Canada.
Lot 16 Clergy Reserve.
Lot 17 G.W. Burton and D. McCall.
Lot 18 John Large.
Lot 19 Peter Misner.
Lot 20 Baldridge & Phillips.
Lot 21 J. Teeple and Kings College.
Lot 22 J. Pettit and S. Brown.
Lot 23 J. Park.
Lot 24 M. Brown and J. Wilson.

Lot 1 A. McEwen and A. Flemming.
Lot 2 J. Buck and Dunning.
Lot 3 W. Plumber and (can't read).
Lot 4 W. Bennett and Wm. Floyd.
Lot 5 B. VanN., J.A. Axford, G. Rassat and (can't read).
Lot 6 John Allgro.
Lot 7 C. Yeomans and G. Bates.
Lot 8 Wm. Dorison.
Lot 9 John Byer.
Lot 10 L. Earl and S. Synden.
Lot 11 J.B. Griffin, W. Wilson and J. Wain.
Lot 12 W.R. Read and Alfred Misner.
Lot 13 D. Allmus and John Carrow.
Lot 14 T.C. Street and Dunlop Lands.
Lot 15 Canada Co.
Lot 16 T.W.& A. Walsh Esq's.
Lot 17 D. Campbell Esq.
Lot 18 A. Anderson and W. Wilson.

Lot 1 E. Jackson, G.W. Powell and N. Bacon.
Lot 2 P. McMaster.
Lot 3 D. Tate, P. Read and P. McMaster.
Lot 4 W. Salmon and Del Willson.
Lot 5 C. Stipe.
Lot 6 Jas. Misner and Wm. Louks.
Lot 7 P.W. Wright and W. Louks.
Lot 8 T. Powell and Jas. Wilson.
Lot 9 Wm. Cowen and W. Corliss.
Lot 10 J.B. Wilson and W. Willson.
Lot 11 J. Carrow and W. Wilson.
Lot 12 W. Chipps and W. Wilson.
Lot 13 W. Wilson and J.W, McCall.
Lot 14 J.W. McCall.
Lot 15 (?) Anderson.

Lot 1 T.C. Grey and E. Lee.
Lot 2 Thos. Grey and P. McMaster (Town of Lyndoch).
Lot 3 Phillips Wilson.
Lot 4 Roger Crysler Esq.
Lot 5 A. McDonald.
Lot 6 Wm. Louks and J.M.
Lot 7 A. Mills.

Houghton Township, Norfolk County.

The Cons run from east to west, the Lots are mostly rectangle running east and west. I will be including town names and other landmarks in the Lot or Lots where they occur.
Lot 1 B. Francis.
Lot 2 J. Sharp and F. Ford.
Lot 3 W. Ghent.
Lot 4 F.R. & Co. and E. Spencer.
Lot 5 S. sharp and J. McMillan.
Lot 6 Ja. Heath.
Lot 7 Non Residential.
Lot 8 Non Residential.
Lot 9 T. Forsyth.
Lot 10 T. Forsyth.
Lot 11 J. Scott and Non Res.
Lot 12 J. Carter and J. Trueman.
Lot 13 Canada Co. and C. Smith.
Lot 14 W.G. Grey and P. Ball Esq.
Lot 15 Non Res., J. Rudner, S. Chapman and W. Tisdale.
Lot 16 M.D. Winens and A.W. Matthews.
Lot 17 J. Swayze and Geo. Priddle.
Lot 18 A. Harvey and G. McCloud.
Lot 19 W. Bowen and W. Rogers.
Lot 20 Mrs. Taylor and J. Carson.
Lot 21 P. House.

Lot 1 D.J., W.W., R. Smilley and W. Willins.
Lot 2 Non Res., G. Fick and J. Lutes.
Lot 3 E. Tudley and A. Patterson.
Lot 4 S. Francis and Thom. Brown.
Lot 5 E.E. & Co. and A. Ferguson.
Lot 6 J. Aikens.
Lot 7 Non Res. and J. White.
Lot 8 J. Dolan.
Lot 9 J. Campbell and Major Campbell.
Lot 10 B. & A. Doban.
Lot 11 J.B. Dayfoot.
Lot 12 J.B. Dayfoot.
Lot 13 J.B. Dayfoot.
Lot 14 J.B. Dayfoot.
Lot 15 Empty.
Lot 16 M.L. Winans.
Lot 17 Messrs. Priddles and C. Travis.
Lot 18 Thom. Perrin and D. Wade.
Lot 19 J. Simpkins.

Lot 1 R. Nelson, N. Morrill and D. Smith.
Lot 2 L. VanNorman, N.V. and B. Nisbett.
Lot 3 J. Brady and W.B. Waring.
Lot 4 D. Jackson and Canada Co.
Lot 5 P. & O.O. Chamberlain.
Lot 6 John Buchner, Gibison & W.B. Waring.
Lot 7 F.E. & Co.
Lot 8 T. Phillips and Geo. Cunningham.
Lot 9 M. Ghilliker, J. Garvan and F.E. & Co.
Lot 10 W. Wood and A. Cowell.
Lot 11 Michael Clark.
Lot 12 Jacob Burger.
Lot 13 Cyrus Smith.
Lot 14 Ja. Trueman.
Lot 15 Empty.
Lot 16 A.T. Carr and J. Robertson.
Lot 17 H. Bayley.

Lot 1 R. Jewell, J. Buchner and W. Clark.
Lot 2 P.B. & Sons of T. Burner and G. Finch Jr.
Lot 3 T.C.W. and E. Churchell.
Lot 4 F.R. & Co. and F.B. Fick.
Lot 5 E.E. & Co. and W. & J.J.
Lot 6 Geo. Petitt and W. Petitt.
Lot 7 Non Res. and E.E. & Co.
Lot 8 Henry Raymond.
Lot 9 F. & DeB.
Lot 10 F. & DeB.
Lot 11 F. & DeB.
Lot 12 F. & DeB.
Lot 13 F. & DeB.
Lot 14 C. Lovelace.
Lot 15 Non Res.

Lot 1 J. Burgher and (?) Fuller.
Lot 2 J. Burgher.
Lot 3 J. Burgher, E. Churchell and T.C.W.
Lot 4 F.R. & Co.
Lot 5 Noak and Job Bartells.
Lot 6 G.S.P. & Co. and A. Guthrie.
Lot 7 A. & N. Hodgekiss.
Lot 8 G.S.P. & Co. and W. Bowman.
Lot 9 G.S.P. & Co. and W. Newman.
Lot 10 F. & DeB.
Lot 11 F. & DeB.
Lot 12 F. & DeB.
Lot 13 F. & DeB.

Lot 1 E. Gates and J. Bingham.
Lot 2 Mrs. Secord, (?) Franklin and S. Fuller.
Lot 3 W. & J. Taylor.
Lot 4 W/ & D. Taylor and F. Bartem.
Lot 5 Mrs. Dickinson and J. Coir.
Lot 6 Stephen Clarey.
Lot 7 W.B. Waring and D. Lester.
Lot 8 A. Guthrie.
Lot 9 J. Fray and J. Camp.
Lot 10 F. & DeB.
Lot 11 F. & DeB.

Lot 1 J.B. Barett and A. Misner.
Lot 2 Hy. Williams and H. Raymond.
Lot 3 J. & F. Williams and R. Parker.
Lot 4 Geo. Walker and R. Walker.
Lot 5 J. Marlett and J. & W. Taylor.
Lot 6 J.W. Ford and J. Campbell.
Lot 7 C. Dickinson.
Lot 8 R. Walker.

Lot 1 D. Miller, J. Becker and R. & A. Brown.
Lot 2 J. McDermont and Ch. Becker.
Lot 3 C. Becker and B. Mansfield.
Lot 4 M. Mansfield.

Middleton Township, Norfolk County.

This township has a rather odd layout for the Cons and Lots. There were actually two sets of each, one starting in the middle of the township and running southeast and the other starting in the middle of the township and running northwest, both in a triangle shape, however only one set is labeled Con and the Lot numbers for those not named Con start at 142. I will be listing each separately, starting with the one running southeast which does not have the word Con next to the rows. The ones labeled Cons run from the middle of the township to the northwest, the Lots are mostly rectangle running the same direction. I will be including town names and other landmarks in the Lot or Lots where they occur.
Lot 142 J. Ostrander and Jo. Ostrander.
Lot 143 Isaac Ostrander.
Lot 144 David M. Hall and E. Weekes.
Lot 145 Crawford Dean and Geo. House.
Lot 146 John Mabee.
Lot 147 P. Doyle.
Lot 148 Ja. West and Jacob Mabee.
Lot 149 David Simmons and J. Ostrander.
Lot 150 John Simmons.
Lot 151 John & Elgah Rean and Wilson Clark.
Lot 152 F. Downey.
Lot 153 S. Burkhart and T.W. Walsh.
Lot 154 D. Dean, I. Dean and T.W. Walsh.
Lot 155 J. Simmons, A. VanEvery and Geo. Curtis.
Lot 156 Ja. Hillis.
Lot 157 Joel Knoll.
Lot 158 James Wiley and Hugh Bebore.
Lot 159 J. Crooks, Wm. Bebore and C.P. Williams.
Lot 160 Duncan Ray and John Ray.
Lot 161 James Standen.
Lot 162 Lewis H. Smith.
Lot 163 Lot Tisdale Sr.
Lot 164 R. Mannery and F. Twis.
Lot 165 J. McCrimmon and Wm. Reid.
Lot 166 Ja. Ryan Jr., G. Byerly and T,. Byerly.
Lot 167 Wallace Ray and Mary Ryerley.
Lot 168 Wm. Ryan.
Lot 169 Sam. Ray.
Lot 170 Sam. Ray.
Lot 171 James Hillis.
Lot 172 James Hillis.
Lot 173 Thadeus Gillet and W. Buchner.
Lot 174 W. Buchner and Henry Campbell.
Lot 175 Samuel Brown.
Lot 176 Victor Brown, Hiram Brown, S. Brown, S. Hopkins and Hy. Bartlett.
Lot 177 Henry Sovereen and John Knab.
Lot 178 Hy. Ryder and (?) Dutchman.
Lot 179 Geo. Youse, Wm. Roberts and A. Walsh.
Lot 180 R.W. McKay, J.G. Beck and John Brown.
Lot 181 J. Brown Esq., J. Mudge and T. Barber.
Lot 182 R.T. Brown.
Lot 183 Ja. Brown Esq., J.G. Herzer and Geo. Brown.
Lot 184 Geo. Voight and William Dick.
Lot 185 Wellington Eagles, S. Burtch, John Smith and Gilbert Family.
Lot 186 Wellington Eagles, John Smith and Gilbert Family.
Lot 187 P.W. Rapeljie and Gilbert Family.
Lot 188 J. Tice and W.E. Sovereen.
Lot 189 J. Tice and W.E. Sovereen. (The town of Fredricksburg is here).

Lot 143 Empty.
Lot 144 Empty.
Lot 145 W.N. Cross.
Lot 146 Canada Co.
Lot 147 Empty.
Lot 148 John Earl Jr.
Lot 149 Ja. Meed and Canada Co.
Lot 150 Henry Work and Wm. Sinclair.
Lot 151 Ja. H. Smith.
Lot 152 Wm. McKay, Matthew Phillips and J. Sweatmore.
Lot 153 Ja. Lemony, F. Boulder and Estate of Caleb Ray or Canada Co.
Lot 154 Z. Landon.
Lot 155 Hy. Kinney and Alex Murphy.
Lot 156 John Johnson and Sylvester Barton.
Lot 157 O.M. Smith, T.W. Walsh and A. Combes.
Lot 158 Peter Coukwright.
Lot 159 Canada Co.
Lot 160 Canada Co.
Lot 161 C.P. Williams.
Lot 162 Empty.
Lot 163 Canada Co.
Lot 164 C.P. Williams.
Lot 165 C.P. Williams.
Lot 166 C.P. Williams.
Lot 167 Canada Co.
Lot 168 C.P. Williams.
Lot 169 Empty.
Lot 170 Canada Co.
Lot 171 John Voit and M. Voit.
Lot 172 Cornelius Orn.
Lot 173 R. Harrison and W. (Grades?).
Lot 174 Wm. Sage and Thomas Sage.
Lot 175 Hy. Emmet, Geo. Emmet and Zeb Chillon.
Lot 176 T. Ambrust, Co. Orn and Wm. Emmons.
Lot 177 Leonard Voit, S.S. and J. Sanford.
Lot 178 Hy. Byer, Thom. Youse and John Voit.
Lot 179 Matthew Veit.
Lot 180 Leonard Clark, Tho. Youse, L. Heus and (can't read).
Lot 181 Hy. Ryder and Martin Youse. (Town of Croton)
Lot 182 Geo. Beck and H.E. Fisher. (Town of Croton)
Lot 183 Geo. Beck, H.E. Fisher and Peter Cline.
Lot 184 Canada Co. and Peter Cline.
Lot 185 Peter Wyastt and Nelson Eagles.
Lot 186 John Rider and Nelson Eagles.
Lot 187 Peter Cline and Henry Cline.
Lot 188 P. Cline.

Lot 151 Empty.
Lot 152 Empty.
Lot 153 John Secord.
Lot 154 Empty.
Lot 155 Geo. Perkins.
Lot 156 Empty.
Lot 157 Philip McKim.
Lot 158 Wm. McKim.
Lot 159 John Lade Jr. and Ja. Wallace.
Lot 160 Ja. Wallace.
Lot 161 Empty.
Lot 162 Canada Co. and John Gorton.
Lot 163 John Wilson and Sam. Wilson.
Lot 164 John Row.
Lot 165 Empty.
Lot 166 Canada Co.
Lot 167 Empty.
Lot 168 Jo. Frost and A. Powell.
Lot 169 John Honey and Nath. Griffin.
Lot 170 N. Miller, John L. Shaw and C. Livingston.
Lot 171 R. Griffin and Wm. Chambers.
Lot 172 Tho. Armstrong and D. McVickers.
Lot 173 Canada Co. and Ad. Taylor.
Lot 174 J.H. and E. Tagart.
Lot 175 Tho. Webb.
Lot 176 John Webber and R.S.
Lot 177 Robert Pick.
Lot 178 Robt. Pick and Martin Heiner.
Lot 179 J.M. Fleuhrer.
Lot 180 John Ghebaiy.
Lot 181 John M. McDonald.
Lot 182 John M. McDonald and R. Crysler Esq.
Lot 183 Roger Crysler Esq.
Lot 184 Roger Crysler Esq.
Lot 185 Roger Crysler Esq.
Lot 186 Chauncey Nelles.

Lot 159 Ja. Kennedy.
Lot 160 Ja. Kennedy.
Lot 161 Ja. Kennedy.
Lot 162 Ja. Kennedy.
Lot 163 Dr. Salmon.
Lot 164 Ch. Gee.
Lot 165 Empty.
Lot 166 Empty.
Lot 167 Empty.
Lot 168 John Foster.
Lot 169 J. Frost.
Lot 170 (can't read).

Lot 1 Ja. Hobbs and Geo. M. Clement.
Lot 2 Wm. Floyd, John Sutton and John Weston.
Lot 3 John Ostrander, John Weston and Jacob Clark.
Lot 4 Jacob Clark and John Mabee.
Lot 5 T. Young, W. Depew and J.L. Clouse.
Lot 6 John Nixon.
Lot 7 J. Weaver.
Lot 8 Wm. Crandel and J. Ostrander.
Lot 9 Geo. Irwine, Ja. Wiley and E. Buchner Esq.
Lot 10 Johnson & Co.
Lot 11 Ja. Laing and W. Weaver.
Lot 12 John Ryan and Jacob Cook.
Lot 13 Hy. Walinstry and R. Campbell.
Lot 14 J. Mabee and David Kemp.
Lot 15 J. Nunn and E. Bartlett.
Lot 16 Ja. Fletcher, Morris Welch and (?) Lawson.
Lot 17 Ja. Fletcher and Dr. Culver.
Lot 18 J. Jewell, W. Carruthers and Robt. McQueen.
Lot 19 Geo. Ronson.
Lot 20 Lot Tisdale Jr and N.S. Cohocs & Sons.
Lot 21 E.T. Perley Esq. and Geo. Dean.
Lot 22 Thom. Heron.
Lot 23 Thom. B. Ronson.
Lot 24 S. Mills.
Lot 25 S. Mills.
Lot 26 S. Mills.
Lot 27 S. Mills.
Lot 28 S. Mills.
Lot 29 S. Mills.
Lot 30 S. Mills.
Lot 31 Wm. Sinclairs.
Lot 32 Amos Dexter.
Lot 33 T.C. Street and Amos Dexter.
Lot 34 Aug. Smith and F.T. Wilks.
Lot 35 T.C. Street.
Lot 36 Williams Ball and John Willer.
Lot 37 Michael Lines and Barnard Heimick.
Lot 38 D. Fisher and O.M. Smith.
Lot 39 John Brown.
Lot 40 Wm. Smith and Nathan Franklin.
Lot 41 E. Franklin and Late James May.
Lot 42 Jeremiah Young and Isaac Humphrey.
Lot 43 Rev. W. Liske and Ja. (Evaps?).
Lot 44 Hy. Sovereen.
Lot 45 S. Sovereen and H.J. (Ansman?).
Lot 46 J. Fonger, Hy. Ssovereen and J. Sovereen.
Lot 47 Leonard Stetsinger and John Fonger.

Lot 1 Nich. Leach and N. Leach.
Lot 2 Nehemiah Leach.
Lot 3 John Ostrander.
Lot 4 J. Ostrander and Canada Co.
Lot 5 R. McQueen and L.H. Smith.
Lot 6 A. Davis & Co. and W. Rollins.
Lot 7 W. Shepard and A. Davis & Gillesby Co.
Lot 8 John Ronson.
Lot 9 John Ronson and A. Davis & Gillesby Co.
Lot 10 O.P. Mabee and John A. Bell.
Lot 11 J.R. Havens, P. Robinson and John A. Bell.
Lot 12 John Jeffrey and J. Johnson.
Lot 13 Oliver D. Mabee and (can't read).
Lot 14 Ja. Hillis and Wm. Heron.
Lot 15 J. Jeffrey, T. Jeffrey and Ja. Fletcher.
Lot 16 Wm. Reed and Ja. Fletcher.
Lot 17 T.B. Ronson and Richard Tesecher.
Lot 18 Canada Co., J.R. (can't read) and R. Tesecher.
Lot 19 Canada Co. and Geo. Tisdale.
Lot 20 Empty.
Lot 21 Canada Co.
Lot 22 Empty.
Lot 23 Canada Co.
Lot 24 Empty.
Lot 25 Empty.
Lot 26 Empty.
Lot 27 Empty.
Lot 28 Empty.
Lot 29 Empty.
Lot 30 Empty.
Lot 31 Empty.
Lot 32 Canada Co.
Lot 33 Empty.
Lot 34 Empty.
Lot 35 Canada Co.
Lot 36 Robt. Barham.
Lot 37 Geo. Kent.
Lot 38 Geo. Swinsin.
Lot 39 Canada Co.
Lot 40 Patrick Donnelly.
Lot 41 Geo. Kent
Lot 42 Wm. Zimmers.
Lot 43 Pat. Donnelly and A. Zylik.
Lot 44 Pat. Schooley and W. Schooley.
Lot 45 Are. Stoddard.
Lot 46 D. Smoke and Canada Co.
Lot 47 John Rider.

Lot 1 J. Bates, J.S. and Wm. Stillwell.
Lot 2 J. & D. Stillwell and J. Ostrander.
Lot 3 John Cowan.
Lot 4 Ja. Cowan and John White.
Lot 5 Alex. Cowan.
Lot 6 John McDonald.
Lot 7 Thom. Sandom and W. Shepard.
Lot 8 Thom. Sandom and Wm. Ronson.
Lot 9 O.P. Mabee.
Lot 10 O.P. Mabee and Robt. Holmes.
Lot 11 Geo. Ronson, Thom. Lee, C. Robinson and J. Truefit.
Lot 12 Geo. Ronson, Thom. Lee and Solomon Knowles.
Lot 13 J.R. Havens, P. Kenney, J. Perry and M.W.
Lot 14 Ab. Matthews and (?) Hopkins.
Lot 15 Canada Co.
Lot 16 Empty.
Lot 17 Empty.
Lot 18 Ja. Ronson.
Lot 19 Ja. Ronson.

Lot 1 Scott, Stephens & Co. and Wm. Stillwell.
Lot 2 John Scott, W.H. and J.S.
Lot 3 Ja. Weeks and R. Holmes.
Lot 4 Ja. Weeks and Ja. Cowan.
Lot 5 J. Cowan, A. Cowan and John Cowan.
Lot 6 Ja. Weeks.
Lot 7 Wm. Long and B. Cowan.
Lot 8 Geo. Mabee, A. Weeks Jr and Canada Co.
Lot 9 Amos Weeks Jr.
Lot 10 Burwell Family.
Lot 11 Canada Co.
Lot 12 Burwell Family.
Lot 13 R.S.

Lot 1 Robt. Scott and John Scott.
Lot 2 Ja. McSanders.
Lot 3 Ja. McSanders.
Lot 4 Ja. McSanders.
Lot 5 Ja. McSanders and J.D. Wilcox.
Lot 6 G. Towers.
Lot 7 G. Wilson.
Lot 8 G.T.

Lot 1 Peter Buchner.
Lot 2 Peter Buchner.

Townsend Township, Norfolk County.

The Cons run from west to east, the Lots are mostly rectangle running north and south. I will be including town names and other landmarks in the Lot or Lots where they occur.
Lot 1 Orin Holt and Lewis Whitney/Whiting.
Lot 2 W. Glover and Orin Holt.
Lot 3 D. Bowlby and Morris Thomas.
Lot 4 Susan Smith, J. Richards and W. Beallum.
Lot 5 John Vivan and K. Slaght.
Lot 6 Mary Perry, J. Christie/Christle and Tho. Hall.
Lot 7 J. Vanderlip and Ch. Barrister.
Lot 8 J. Roberts and J. Petrim.
Lot 9 Wm. Yourge.
Lot 10 D. Secord and D. Leffler.
Lot 11 C. Fairchild, D. Leffler and D. and D. Secord.
Lot 12 David Flanders.
Lot 13 Wm. Edy, B. Haviland and W. Canfield.
Lot 14 J. Edy, R. Smith, A. Kimmer and Ja. Birdsell.
Lot 15 R. Dunlop, B. Green and C. Ang.
Lot 16 R. Townsend and J.T. Townsend.
Lot 17 P. Fairchild and Sam. Fisher.
Lot 18 Sam. Fisher and B. Fisher.
Lot 19 J.B. Curtis and (vacant).
Lot 20 E. Curtis.

Lot 1 B or R Beamer and Wm. Robinson.
Lot 2 A. Beemer, Wm. House, David Boomfield and D. Bowlby.
Lot 3 David Boomfield and Ja. Chambers.
Lot 4 Geo. Roberts.
Lot 5 Ch. Scuyler, R. Walsh and H. Gould.
Lot 6 David Smith and Sam. Brown.
Lot 7 Wm. Dall, Ch. Robinson and John Chamers.
Lot 8 J. Feift (?).
Lot 9 Jo. Nelles and John Nelles.
Lot 10 Etais Robinson, R. Robinson and (?) Olmsted.
Lot 11 D. Flanders and J. Haviland.
Lot 12 Wm. Haviland and J. Haviland.
Lot 13 Simeon P. Nelles and VanBuskirk.
Lot 14 Simeon P. Nelles, J. Johnstone and A. Johnstone.
Lot 15 E. VanBuskirk and J. Anderson.
Lot 16 John Lermount.
Lot 17 (H.?) Beemer and W. Robinson.
Lot 18 N.V. Martin and Ja. Wymer.
Lot 19 Buscum Green, A. Green and E. (Sloat?).
Lot 20 W. Wooley, J. Renner and A.N. Barber.
Lot 21 Six Nation Indians.
Lot 22 Six Nation Indians.
Lot 23 Wm. Smith

Lot 1 A. Brown, S. Pettit and Jo. N. Smith.
Lot 2 J. O'Donnell and D. O'Donnell.
Lot 3 M.S., Jo. N. Smith, Edward Grace and J. Chamber.
Lot 4 Jo. N. Smith, J. Burch, J. Chamber, J. Edy and S. VanBuskirk.
Lot 5 Dr. Duncombe and Hiram Robinson.
Lot 6 P. Chambers, B. Lundy and Geo. Riddle.
Lot 7 Wm. Wymer, A.W., and Ja. Wilson.
Lot 8 Wm. Wymer, A. Wymer and W. Bowen.
Lot 9 W. Wymer and John Lutes.
Lot 10 R. Robinson, B. Woodley and J. Woodley.
Lot 11 J. Woodley and B. Woodley.
Lot 12 John Woodley and J. Woodley.
Lot 13 A. Benedict and (?) Johnson, Esq.
Lot 14 A. Johnson, J. Johnson and W. Bowbeer.
Lot 15 J. VanBuskirk, R. VanBuskirk, L. Martin, (two vacant), B. Haviland and J. Barber.
Lot 16 John Barber, Esq. and Ben. Haviland.
Lot 17 Jo. Bates and Orin Rogers.
Lot 18 J. Bates, P. Beal and B. Beal.
Lot 19 L. Churchill and J. Wymer.
Lot 20 J. Wymer and Philip Slaght.
Lot 21 John Renner and John Barber.
Lot 22 J. Renner and Casper Thomas.
Lot 23 A. Cunningham, Ab. Cunningham and P. (Cuong?)
Lot 24 J. VanLoon and W. Renner.

Lot 1 Major McKertie.
Lot 2 W. McKertie and Walter McKertie.
Lot 3 A. Perney and Jer. Tupper.
Lot 4 Ja. Wilson, Sam. Lundy and J. Robinson.
Lot 5 Sam. Lundy and Jo. Nelles.
Lot 6 G. Wallace, E. or F. Perney and E. Slaght.
Lot 7 Silas Rock, Alex. Murphy, John Birdsell and Wm. Slaght.
Lot 8 Silas Rock, Alex. Murphy, John Birdsell and Wm. Slaght.
Lot 9 Levi Massecar.
Lot 10 D. Bowlby and George Corlis.
Lot 11 Avaldo Olmstead and George Corlis.
Lot 12 J. Cline, (?) Barber, E. Barber and J. Olmstead.
Lot 13 J. Cline, H. Barber and E. Barber.
Lot 14 J. Cline, H.J. Barber and J. Howitt.
Lot 15 Hiram Beal.
Lot 16 J. Barber, J. Churchill and J. Wymer.
Lot 17 H. Olmstead and David Phelps.
Lot 18 Peter Beal and R. Pierie.
Lot 19 R. Davis.
Lot 20 O. Taylor and J. Overholt.
Lot 21 J. Golden and J. Arnold.
Lot 22 Casper Thomas and B. Corson.
Lot 23 Wil. Wilcox and John Wilcox.
Lot 24 R. Merrit and S. Dean.

Lot 1 Mrs. Lewis Langs and Foster Langs.
Lot 2 S. Benedict and Foster Langs.
Lot 3 W. Stuart and L. Sovereign.
Lot 4 J. Topper, P. Swears and H. Perney.
Lot 5 B. Grace, P. Swears, E. Perney and R. Taylor.
Lot 6 P. Swears, V. Scram and D. Perney.
Lot 7 A.M.M., D. Perney and Dr. Duncombe.
Lot 8 Dr. Duncombe.
Lot 9 P. Cline and P. Lockhart.
Lot 10 M. Slaght.
Lot 11 Wm. McMichael, J. Olmstead, J.N. and S. Olmstead.
Lot 12 J. Nelles, A. Nelles and W. McMichael.
Lot 13 W. Nelles and (?) McMichael.
Lot 14 F.N. Phelps, J.M.C. and S.J. Colver.
Lot 15 J.H. Churchill, S.W. Phelps, E. Barber and H. Olmstead.
Lot 16 Thomas Robinson and E. Smith.
Lot 17 G. Smith, J. Smith and Ira Slaght.
Lot 18 J.L. Hyde and J. Nicholson.
Lot 19 Ely Erwin and G. Taylor.
Lot 20 George Taylor and Bishop of Toronto.
Lot 21 N.B. Scofield and D. Charters.
Lot 22 John Bradshaw.
Lot 23 W.L. Wilcox and Amos Smith.
Lot 24 J.A. Townsend and J. Nicholson.

Lot 1 M. Langs and L. Sovereign.
Lot 2 L. Sovereign, W. Pew and J. Perney Esq.
Lot 3 Peter Beemer, J.W.P. and W. Beemer.
Lot 4 W. Murray, E. Beemer and A. Beemer.
Lot 5 Dr. Duncombe and John Story.
Lot 6 Watson Estate, H. Beemer and E. Beemer.
Lot 7 J. Massecar, H.B. and W. Perney.
Lot 8 Dr. Duncombe, Asher Brown and W. Lutes.
Lot 9 G. McMichael and R. McMichael.
Lot 10 G. McMichael and R. McMichael.
Lot 11 S. Olmstead and G. Woodley.
Lot 12 J. McMichael, J. Vanloom and G. McMichael.
Lot 13 J. Nelles, J. Scott and Dr. Duncombe.
Lot 14 Dr. Duncombe.
Lot 15 J. Beal, L. Lewis and J.F. Barber.
Lot 16 Jo. Moore and H. Brooks.
Lot 17 A. Slaght, S. Slaght and H. Brooks.
Lot 18 W. Bradley, W. Kitchen and J.K. Kitchen.
Lot 19 Miss Powell and Thomas Kitchen.
Lot 20 Miss Powell.
Lot 21 J. Anderson, A.S. Courtage and C.J. Courtage.
Lot 22 J. Newman, J. Hays and J. Absolom.
Lot 23 J. Rouk and R. Almas.
Lot 24 J. Swift, T.C. Street and George Swift.

Lot 1 W. Pew, J. Rymul and J. Weaver.
Lot 2 Job Massecar.
Lot 3 Job Massecar and John Matthews.
Lot 4 Wm. Murray and Geo. Robinson.
Lot 5 Geo. Robinson.
Lot 6 Geo. Robinson and Leo Souvereign.
Lot 7 Leo Souvereign, A. Massecar and Dr. Bowlby.
Lot 8 R. Massecar.
Lot 9 A. Massecar, L. Souvereign and Ja. Perney.
Lot 10 J. Woodley, P. Woodley and W. S.
Lot 11 G.W. Woodley, W.L. Smith and W. Robinson.
Lot 12 A.N. Barber and Wm. Barber.
Lot 13 Dr. Garden and A. Bowlby.
Lot 14 A. Bowlby Esq.
Lot 15 J.W. Clark Esq.
Lot 16 Martin Woodley and A. Woodley.
Lot 17 Ed. Moore, A. Woodley and J. Cline.
Lot 18 Wm. Stafford and J. Freel.
Lot 19 H. Scuyler, R. Goble and J. Walker.
Lot 20 Wm. and John Hall.
Lot 21 Adam Walker.
Lot 22 D. Campbell Esq.
Lot 23 J. Butcher and D. Hoffman.
Lot 24 A.L Widdrick and D. Almas.

Lot 1 B.E., E. Perry and N. Boughner.
Lot 2 D. Sovereen, B. Fluelling (?) and J. Boughner.
Lot 3 W.H. Rickards and Geo. Boughner.
Lot 4 W.H. Rickards.
Lot 5 J. Saylor, Dr. Duncombe, J.L. Green Esq., Robert McCool and O. Blake Esq.
Lot 6 J. Saylor, Dr. Duncombe, J.L. Green Esq., Robert McCool and O. Blake Esq.
Lot 7 O. Blake Esq., H.S. and J.L. Green Esq.
Lot 8 Thomas W. Clarke Esq.
Lot 9 T.W. Clarke Esq. and A. Slaght Jr.
Lot 10 T.W. Clarke, A.S. and Geo. Clows.
Lot 11 P. Smith and Geo. Clows.
Lot 12 Phillip Smith.
Lot 13 W.L. Smith, O. Bertram and J. Slaght.
Lot 14 John Bertram, Ira Wood, N. Griggs and J. Shaw.
Lot 15 T.W. Clarke, Samuel Goble and Dr. Duncombe.
Lot 16 J.& J. Goble and R. Lanning.
Lot 17 J. Goble and John McLaren.
Lot 18 Sibyl Walker, H. Stury, S.L. Corlis and Mrs. Walker. (Villa Nova is located here.)
Lot 19 M. Slaght and S.L. Corlis.
Lot 20 J. Rice and Philip Dean.
Lot 21 D. Ribble, J. Smith and A. Smith.
Lot 22 C. Eggleston, R. Reymond and Perry Eggleston.
Lot 23 W. Lewis.
Lot 24 K. Lyndon.

Lot 1 Miss Bowlby, G.L. Boughner and R. Boughner.
Lot 2 R.H. Tisdale.
Lot 3 O. Blake Esq.
Lot 4 O. Blake Esq. and J. Walker.
Lot 5 Ja. McCool, Archibald McCool, J. Walker, D. Barber and H. Barber.
Lot 6 Ja. McCool, Archibald McCool, J. Walker, D. Barber and H. Barber.
Lot 7 Dr. Duncombe, John Merrit and John Kellum.
Lot 8 B.C. Shaw Esq., Ch. Wilcox and Cryster Estate.
Lot 9 Cryster Estate and A. Massecar.
Lot 10 B. Walker and J. Massecar.
Lot 11 J. Thurmbly and John Massecar.
Lot 12 Ja. Smith.
Lot 13 W. Pettit, Ch. Park and B.W.
Lot 14 Ja.L. Lewis and P. Rice.
Lot 15 Rueban Rice.
Lot 16 J.L. Lewis and Ira Barber.
Lot 17 David Irwin.
Lot 18 J.L. Corlis, J. Buck and B. Buck.
Lot 19 S.L. Corlis and W. Hammond.
Lot 20 P. Hoskins, D. Hazelton and S. Butler.
Lot 21 S.L. Corlis, J. Wilcox and Ja. Clark.
Lot 22 Ja. LeBar, F.H. Hazen and J. Ferris.
Lot 23 R. Kinney, John Clouse and Nathan Clouse.
Lot 24 A. Thomas, R. Smith and H. Hazen.

Lot 1 Wm. Bowlby and Miss Bowlby.
Lot 2 J. and N. Clouse.
Lot 3 H. Kitchen.
Lot 4 Mrs Heath.
Lot 5 F. Kellum.
Lot 6 J. Kellum and M. Kitchen.
Lot 7 John Kellum, C. Carpenter, A. Massecar and R. Walker.
Lot 8 J.K., R. Walker, A.B. and Aaron Barber.
Lot 9 John Pettit and A. Bowlby.
Lot 10 A. Bowlby.
Lot 11 J. McIntosh and J. Lewis.
Lot 12 H. Barber, J.R. McIntosh, S. Crooker and J.W. Griffin.
Lot 13 J. Kellum, E. Kitchen, Wm. Kitchen and Mrs. Heath.
Lot 14 John Lemon and Ch. Wilcox.
Lot 15 J.L. Lewis, S. Whiting and Lucy Barton.
Lot 16 J.B. Carpenter.
Lot 17 J. & P. Donaldson, J. Bertram and A. Stafford.
Lot 18 J. Wright, P. Hoskins and J.M Lellan.
Lot 19 J. Corlis, W.R. Hammond and W. Woodley.
Lot 20 D. Boyd, E. Slaght and W. Hanley.
Lot 21 W. Pearson and Capt. A. Massecar. (Includes part of the town of Rockford).
Lot 22 D. Lovelace, J. Graham and Capt. Massecar. (Includes part of the town of Rockford).
Lot 23 Geo. Erwin, J. Mitchell and H.W. Wilkenson.
Lot 24 J. Cavanugh, J.H. Lone, W. Smith and G. Brady.

Lot 1 J.M. Colver and Thomas Hart.
Lot 2 R. Colver and F. Heath.
Lot 3 R.C., O. Culver, M. Culver and P.Culver.
Lot 4 E. Kitchen, Cha. Kitchen and W.K. Kitchen.
Lot 5 Barton Estate, R. Skirron and L. Scuyler.
Lot 6 J.L. Colver and D.K. Culver.
Lot 7 U. colver, J.G. Kitchen, Estate of John Barton and A.W. Millard.
Lot 8 Estate of John Barton and N. Collver.
Lot 9 H. Collver and Nisbitt Collver.
Lot 10 S. Crooker, J. Crooker and E. Merritt.
Lot 11 O. Blake Esq. and W. Clows.
Lot 12 John Lemon.
Lot 13 Alex. Wallace, J. Jackson and J. Highland.
Lot 14 S. Baron, J. LeBar and H. Buck.
Lot 15 W. Chambers, C. Carrow and Non Res.d.
Lot 16 John Auinlain (?).
Lot 17 S. Whiting, Thomas Donaldson and T. Sinclair.
Lot 18 Bernard Barras (?) and Hugh Roney.
Lot 19 J. Porter, G. Kellum and D. Dunn.
Lot 20 W. Hennley and F. Altway.
Lot 21 Geo. Brady and Geo. Wymer.
Lot 22 Michael Doan.
Lot 23 S. Martin and M. Bean.
Lot 24 J. Donaldson, W. Erwin and N. Yerks.

Lot 1 J.M. Collver, Ja. Culver and Robt. Collver.
Lot 2 Ja. Cullver and Lodor Cullver.
Lot 3 P.O.C, R. Young and J. Widner.
Lot 4 J. Skirron and L.W.
Lot 5 L. Scuyler, C. Scuyler and B. Shaw.
Lot 6 E. Collver, S. Scuyler and B. Shaw.
Lot 7 Wm. Scuyler, E. Culver and J. Kitchen.
Lot 8 Wm. Heath and M. Collver.
Lot 9 Michael Collver.
Lot 10 Samuel Collver, S.A. Smith and J. Stewart.
Lot 11 J. Collver, N. Misner and P. Stewart.
Lot 12 N. Misner and M. Austin.
Lot 13 E. Emerick, W. & L. Heath and J. Pritchard.
Lot 14 R. Eddy, C. Hall and A. Culver.
Lot 15 O. & T. Collver and C.L. Vail.
Lot 16 F. Hall, J>B> Slaght, T. Sinclair, G. Kellum and (?) Corlis.
Lot 17 P. Smith, J. Wycoff and T.B. Smith.
Lot 18 S. Porter and Wm. Mason.
Lot 19 G. Kellum, G. McMann and Wm. Mason.
Lot 20 D. Dunn, G. McMann and G. Chapman.
Lot 21 J. Smith and Late G. Jeffrey.
Lot 22 R. Hazelton, J. Smith and T. Couples.
Lot 23 W. Grey and Mrs. Taggart.
Lot 24 P. Smith and J. Misner.

Lot 1 R. Collver, S. Chadwick, John Beemer, J.B. Woolnough and J.B. Carpenter.
Lot 2 Thomas Lee, John Beemer, J.B. Woolnough and J.B. Carpenter.
Lot 3 J. B. Carpenter.
Lot 4 Estate of P. Wooley, J.B. Carpenter, B. C. Shaw Esq.
Lot 5 B. C. Shaw Esq.
Lot 6 R. Wilcox, P. & L. Scuyler and (?)Pettit.
Lot 7 J.B. Smith, L. Smith, P.B. Kitchen and B. C. Shaw Esq.
Lot 8 P.B. Kitchen, L. Osbourne, J.O. Smith and J. Pettit.
Lot 9 S.O. Smith, J.L. Smith, J. Saville and Jn. Widmer.
Lot 10 Jn. Widmer, Vincent Shaw and M. Shaw.
Lot 11 Richard Blayney.
Lot 12 J. Smith, M. Collver and J. Stewart.
Lot 13 L. Heath, A. Upper, W. Donch and J.W. Dunning.
Lot 14 Capt. Moses Austin.
Lot 15 S. Heath, C.L. Vail and O. Pritchard.
Lot 16 J. Richards, J. Smith and W. Blainey.
Lot 17 S. Osbourne, G. Kellum and Motheriey (?).
Lot 18 J. Smith, R. Sinclair and Wilson Lemon.
Lot 19 W. Fader, W. Ryun and Thom. Ryan.
Lot 20 N. Porter and W. Appleford.
Lot 21 J. Erbnomlson (?) and Ja. Davidson.
Lot 22 J. Hunter, S. Hunter and W. Brown.
Lot 23 W. Grey and Tho. Murphy.
Lot 24 Geo. Upper.

Lot 1 P.O. (Ca ?), J.B. Carpenter, J. Pettit and D. McIntosh. (Lots 1 and 2 form the east side of the town of Simcoe)
Lot 2 P.O. (Ca ?), J.B. Carpenter, J. Pettit and D. McIntosh.
Lot 3 J.B.C. and Dr. Covernton.
Lot 4 Ja. Williams, Dr. Covernton and H. Scuyler.
Lot 5 W., H. & Ja. Scuyler.
Lot 6 John McEnally and A. Woolly.
Lot 7 John McEnally and Alvin Woolley.
Lot 8 Mrs. Ferman, Geo. Corwin and J. Silverthorn.
Lot 9 F. Scuyler and John Silverthorn.
Lot 10 W. Oliver and J.F. Widmer.
Lot 11 A. Wilson and R. Winter.
Lot 12 B.C. Shaw Esq. and Jo. Crandle.
Lot 13 Cyrus Andrew, Ja. Chambers, D. Stirling and J. Darby.
Lot 14 David & Harry Stirling.
Lot 15 Ch. Yeomans.
Lot 16 T. Chatterton, J. Hicks and D. Vrooman.
Lot 17 Wm. Hoick and Hugh Harvey.
Lot 18 Geo. Oaks, S. Leish, F. Lock and Wilson Lemon.
Lot 19 Ann Bothwell and Ja. Armstrong.
Lot 20 Bar. Hare.
Lot 21 Late D. Jeffrey, J. Beatty, J. Warrington and B. McCowen.
Lot 22 Deritus Rough.
Lot 23 G.E. Foster.
Lot 24 Sam. Vail, Mrs. Mary Murphy and Ann Beatty. (Go east to the town of Jarvis).

Walsingham Township, Norfolk County.

The Cons run from south to north, the Lots are mostly rectangle east to west. I will be including town names and other landmarks in the Lot or Lots where they occur. This township also had a Con A and B. There are also places labeled Hay Lands, however it doesn't appear to be a family name.
Lot 1 (can't read), John Moore and (?) Davis.
Lot 2 O. Boughner and Lot Spencer.
Lot 3 J. Green, P.H.F. and Wm. Bamwart.
Lot 4 A. McLean and W. Franklin.
Lot 5 D. Underhill, S. Underhill and (?) Underhill.
Lot 6 J.O., P. Foster and E. Foster Esq.
Lot 7 P. LeFortune, H. Fitch and J. Bumwart.
Lot 8 (no names)
Lot 9 J. Countryman and Jacob Fick.
Lot 10 Estate of Rockafellow and J.O.
Lot 11 Co. Anderson, W.R. and Newkirk.
Lot 12 Newkirk, H.H., W.O. and W.P.
Lot 13 Wm. Anderson.
Lot 14 C. Dedrick.
Lot 15 J.D. and L. Dedrick.
Lot 16 J. Saxom.

Lot 1 J. Johnson and G. Raymond.
Lot 2 J. Johnson and J. Becker.
Lot 3 Philip Barrett.
Lot 4 Philip Barrett.
Lot 5 D.B. Foster and E. Foster Esq.
Lot 6 E. Foster, D.F. Witcher and (empty).
Lot 7 "Farmlea", W. Hanson and H.M Barrett, "Farmlea".
Lot 8 A. Lucas and H. Baumwart.
Lot 9 E. Bingham Esq. and C. Fick.
Lot 10 J. Killmaster and P.B. Fick.
Lot 11 J. Denit, L. Spencer and (empty).
Lot 12 H. Baumwart, J. Baumwart and M. Rohrer.
Lot 13 J.L.D. and J.T.
Lot 14 S. Dedrick, J. Stone and J.S. Smith.
Lot 15 J. Dedrick.
Lot 16 H. Ellis and J. Ellis.

Lot 1 Hay Lands.
Lot 2 Wm. Smith.
Lot 3 W.D.R., A.R. and A. Rockafellow.
Lot 4 Wm. Overpaugh and D. Rohrer.
Lot 5 W. Franklin and A. Franklin.
Lot 6 B. Killmaster.
Lot 7 B. Killmaster.
Lot 8 Wm. Franklin.
Lot 9 Hy. Becker.
Lot 10 G. Hutchinson, A.M. Lemon, A.W., B.H. and Hy. Becker.
Lot 11 G.M. Hutchinson, W.B. and J. Wolrine.
Lot 12 J.A. Franklin, J.T. and H.O.
Lot 13 J.L. Dedrick and Miss Backhouse.
Lot 14 A. Franklin and Wm. Franklin.
Lot 15 H. Rohrer and L. Dedrick.
Lot 16 T. Backhouse.
Lot 17 Mrs. Backhouse.
Lot 18 J. Killmaster and T. Williams.
Lot 19 H.S. Killmaster, J. Killmaster and Wm. Smith.
Lot 20 Hy. Smith, C. Troyer and J. Becker.
Lot 21 Hy. Becker and P. Shoemaker.
Lot 22 T. Brown, J. Brown and H. Becker.
Lot 23 J.B. Hutchinson Esq.
Lot 24 Jonas Cope, R.W., W.D. and J.B. Hutchinson.

Lot 1 Mansfield, A. Butler and Hay Lands.
Lot 2 W. Billington and Hay Lands.
Lot 3 R. Crosby and L. Crosby.
Lot 4 Mrs. Harris and Hay Lands.
Lot 5 R. Killmaster, E.U. and J.U.
Lot 6 P.B.K. and F.& DeB.
Lot 7 F.& DeB.
Lot 8 W. Montross and W. Brown.
Lot 9 A.B. Hutchinson.
Lot 10 A.M. Lemon.
Lot 11 J. White, J.K. and G.M. Hutchinson.
Lot 12 John White and J.B.
Lot 13 H.O., O.D., H.A.M. and J.A.S.
Lot 14 Hv. Hutchinson and Wm. Hutchinson.
Lot 15 H.H., W.H. and Geo. Hutchinson.
Lot 16 J.B. Hutchinson Esq.
Lot 17 J.H. Backhouse and John D. Backhouse.
Lot 18 John D. Backhouse.
Lot 19 John Smith and H.J. Killmaster.
Lot 20 H.J. Killmaster and Mrs. Backhouse.
Lot 21 O.B. and H. Brondon.
Lot 22 A. Newkirk and Moses Newkirk.
Lot 23 J.A. Backhouse and Wm. Backhouse.
Lot 24 P.Price, P.W., S.P. and W. Gillesby.

Lot 1 Crown Land, S. Fuller and J. Overpaugh.
Lot 2 C.R., E.B., S.H. and G.H.
Lot 3 S.H., F.& DeB. and C.B. Cook.
Lot 4 Canada Co.
Lot 5 Adam Beam.
Lot 6 F.& DeB.
Lot 7 H.Cook & Co. and B. Butcher.
Lot 8 C. Cook and C. Louks.
Lot 9 C. Louks and A. Prockimier.
Lot 10 Jacob Louks and W.H. Louks.
Lot 11 J.H. Hutchinson and D. Fonger.
Lot 12 T.C. Street and Hay Lands.
Lot 13 Honorable J.H. Dunn.
Lot 14 Honorable J.H. Dunn.
Lot 15 W. Smith.
Lot 16 J.B. Hutchinson and Thomas Pretty.
Lot 17 J.H. Backhouse.
Lot 18 J.H. Backhouse.
Lot 19 John Smith and Geo. P. Killmaster.
Lot 20 Geo. A. Killmaster.
Lot 21 Thomas Smith.
Lot 22 A. Myers and J. Baldwin.
Lot 23 J. Myers and J. Baldwin.
Lot 24 T.C. Price, Ja. Price and J.& J. Price.

Lot 1 S. Fray, J.M.C., J. Miller and F.& DeB.
Lot 2 Spenser and F.& DeB.
Lot 3 F.& DeB.
Lot 4 T.C. Street and Hay Land.
Lot 5 P. Jordan and D. Cardy.
Lot 6 T.C. Street and J. Steinchoff.
Lot 7 C. Gregory and J. Louks.
Lot 8 J. Bingham and C. Cooke Co.
Lot 9 J. McKay, E. Hazen and O.M. Smith
Lot 10 A. McKay, H.B. and F. Light.
Lot 11 E. Hutchinson.
Lot 12 Hall Davis & Bro. and P.Park.
Lot 13 Hall Davis & Bro. and P.H.D.C.P.
Lot 14 A.W.B. Hutchinson.
Lot 15 J.H. Backhouse.
Lot 16 G.A. Killmaster and H. Becker.
Lot 17 J. Brown and G.A. Killmaster.
Lot 18 J.A.R, B.K., G.A.K. and G. Ponting.
Lot 19 J. Bell and H.J.K.
Lot 20 J. Myers and W. Smith.
Lot 21 A.P., J.T. and J. Myers.
Lot 22 C.P. Williams.
Lot 23 W.G. Millar and J. Myers.
Lot 24 D. Fisher Esq.

Lot 1 F.& DeB.
Lot 2 F.& DeB.
Lot 3 F.& DeB.
Lot 4 F.& DeB.
Lot 5 C.P. Cook and S. Hanner.
Lot 6 A.C., T.C., H.S.G. and H.C.T.
Lot 7 (can't read), F.& DeB. and A. Gregory.
Lot 8 A. Gregory and E. Laymem.
Lot 9 Mrs. Hazen and W. Hepburn.
Lot 10 H. Hazen and D. Hazen.
Lot 11 Paul Park.
Lot 12 E. Foster and J. Burglar.
Lot 13 C. Baker and Mrs. Townsend.
Lot 14 J. Swarty, A. Adams and J. Bristow.
Lot 15 F.L. Fick and Owen & Bliss.
Lot 16 P.C. Marden.
Lot 17 W.M.L., H.J. and A.M.L.
Lot 18 J. Jackson and G. Bastedo.
Lot 19 Peter Buchanan et al.
Lot 20 John McGregor.
Lot 21 Canada Co. and B. Watts.
Lot 22 B.U.C.
Lot 23 W.G. Miller.
Lot 24 B. Fairchild and G.S. Waterbury.

Lot 1 H. Cook and F.& DeB.
Lot 2 H. Cook & Co.
Lot 3 W. Taylor and J. Taylor.
Lot 4 F.& DeB.
Lot 5 G.P. and J. Ridout.
Lot 6 J. Little.
Lot 7 J. Little.
Lot 8 F.& DeB.
Lot 9 F.& DeB. and S. LaLonde.
Lot 10 D.W.B. Hazen.
Lot 11 E. Hazen and D. Hazen.
Lot 12 W.Youte.
Lot 13 Baker.
Lot 14 J. Little.
Lot 15 F.& DeB.
Lot 16 J. Wingrover.
Lot 17 Fr. Ferre and J.A. Peter.
Lot 18 H. foster and J. Bastedo.
Lot 19 B. Welch and R. North.
Lot 20 Canada Co.
Lot 21 Mrs. Lyons.
Lot 22 Clergy Reserve.
Lot 23 T.C. Street.
Lot 24 John Brown.

Lot 1 F.& DeB.
Lot 2 F.& DeB.
Lot 3 F.& DeB.
Lot 4 G.P. and J. Ridout.
Lot 5 J. Petherman, J. McC. and G.C.
Lot 6 J. Garbutt.
Lot 7 F.& DeB.
Lot 8 J. Little.
Lot 9 F.& DeB.
Lot 10 S. Matthews, S. Hanna and Mrs. O'Brien.
Lot 11 F. Bridges, J.W.B. Rivers and S.B.
Lot 12 J. Bouk.
Lot 13 F.& DeB.
Lot 14 F.& DeB.
Lot 15 J. Cornell and W.R. Brondon.
Lot 16 W. Cruise and J. Ferre.
Lot 17 P. Kreiss and S. Brown.
Lot 18 J. Hill and J.K.
Lot 19 Ja. Hutchinson and J. Johnson.
Lot 20 J. McQueen.
Lot 21 Canada Co.
Lot 22 L. Johnson and T.C. Street.
Lot 23 M. Saulley and Canada Co.
Lot 24 T.C. Street and J. Dillinbeck.

Lot 1 F.& DeB.
Lot 2 F.& DeB.
Lot 3 A. Owen and T. Abbott.
Lot 4 D. Cardy and R. Credland.
Lot 5 M. Credland and S. Putman.
Lot 6 F.& DeB.
Lot 7 F.& DeB.
Lot 8 F.& DeB.
Lot 9 F.& DeB.
Lot 10 C.F. Hazen.
Lot 11 J. Little.
Lot 12 J. Little.
Lot 13 J. Little.
Lot 14 J. Little and J. Taylor.
Lot 15 J. Little and J. Taylor.
Lot 16 S. Hanna.
Lot 17 Thomas Hanna and G. Alexander.
Lot 18 R. Knowles and P. Kreiss.
Lot 19 J. Hutchinson.
Lot 20 D.J. Haviland and F. Shelby.
Lot 21 C. Shoap, L. shoap and N. Piper.
Lot 22 J. Evans, J. Shouks and F. Viller.
Lot 23 T.C. Street and S. McPherson.
Lot 24 A. Grant.

Lot 1 J. Browndon and F.& DeB.
Lot 2 W. Brown and Talbott.
Lot 3 A. Brondon and Thomas and Brondon.
Lot 4 P. Woodward.
Lot 5 B. Credland and F.& DeB.
Lot 6 F.& DeB.
Lot 7 F.& DeB.
Lot 8 F.& DeB.
Lot 9 F.& DeB.
Lot 10 F.& DeB.
Lot 11 F.& DeB. and C.F. Hazen.
Lot 12 J. DeWitt and F. Bouk.
Lot 13 R.M., E. Layman and Ja. Mineras.
Lot 14 S. Hanna.
Lot 15 W. Smith.
Lot 16 S.J. Fuller.
Lot 17 E. Tisdale, S.H. and B.K.
Lot 18 S. Culven, R.K. and J.K.
Lot 19 J. Hunter and B.K.
Lot 20 (?) Siprell and D. Shearer.
Lot 21 C. Shoap, J. Shoap and A. Shirl.
Lot 22 J. Shirl, W.R. and (can't read).
Lot 23 W. Gordon.
Lot 24 J. Wood Esq. and (can't read).

Lot 1 J. Grabal and J. Hamlyn.
Lot 2 F.& DeB. and S. Whiley.
Lot 3 J. Rohrer.
Lot 4 H. & W. Williams.
Lot 5 F.& DeB.
Lot 6 J. Garbitt, F.& DeB. and W.A.
Lot 7 F.& DeB.
Lot 8 J.B., S. Baker and Geo Hutchinson.
Lot 9 J. Parkins.
Lot 10 F.& DeB.
Lot 11 (can't read).
Lot 12 J. Wood esq.
Lot 13 B. Killmaster.
Lot 14 F.& DeB.
Lot 15 F.& DeB.
Lot 16 F.& DeB.
Lot 17 J. Knowles and R. Knowles.
Lot 18 R. Knowles and J.& W. Wheeler.
Lot 19 Dutch, J.J. and R. Craik.
Lot 20 H.G., W. & A.D.
Lot 21 O. Lynnburner, P.M. and E. Wall.
Lot 22 W. Forbes and John Abell.
Lot 23 J. Boughner and H. Dale.
Lot 24 S.L. Hopkins and J.C. Johnson.

Lot 1 Sovereign Family.
Lot 2 J. Brown and S. Seymour.
Lot 3 E.G. Staton Esq.
Lot 4 Keller.
Lot 5 J.H. Winter, J. Covernton Esq. and Mrs. McKay.
Lot 6 J. VanEtter and W. Mills.
Lot 7 J. Wilson.
Lot 8 Kings College.
Lot 9 J.H. and J. VanEtter.
Lot 10 J.N., L.N. and C. Elliot.
Lot 11 J. Fick and J. Wingrover.
Lot 12 Killmaster Family.
Lot 13 Killmaster Family.
Lot 14 Killmaster Family.
Lot 15 An. Heron.
Lot 16 F.& DeB.
Lot 17 F.& DeB.
Lot 18 T.W. Walsh.
Lot 19 T.W. Walsh.
Lot 20 T.W. Walsh.
Lot 21 J. Lewis and O. Lynnburner.
Lot 22 Kings College.
Lot 23 H.V.A. Rapelje.
Lot 24 H.V.A. Rapelje.

Lot 1 E. Woolverton.
Lot 2 E. Woolverton.
Lot 3 E. Woolverton.
Lot 4 J. Shepard and E. Woolverton.
Lot 5 T. Locker and (can't read).
Lot 6 John Atwood.
Lot 7 T.C. Street.
Lot 8 A. Heron.
Lot 9 Wison.
Lot 10 M. Cahoon.
Lot 11 Kings College.
Lot 12 Peter Fisher.
Lot 13 John Wilson, D.B. and J. & G.B.
Lot 14 F.& DeB.
Lot 15 F.& DeB.
Lot 16 J. Chambers, R. Walker and J. Walker.
Lot 17 Clergy Reserve and S. & G. Swain.
Lot 18 M. Halby.
Lot 19 Wm. Cowan and Hy. Firman.
Lot 20 R. Firman, Bennett and M. Collum.
Lot 21 Kings College
Lot 22 H.V.A. Rapelje.
Lot 23 J. Brockenberry and T.B.
Lot 24 A. Misner and Bliss & Owen.

Lot 1 J. Slaght and J.P.R.
Lot 2 Myer and N. Mansell.
Lot 3 S. Gable and J. Mooney.
Lot 4 Canada Co. and W. Murphy.
Lot 5 R. & T. Dennis.
Lot 6 A. Moore and J. Jacobs.
Lot 7 F.& DeB.
Lot 8 Thomas Moir.
Lot 9 C.R., D.D., G.A.W. and J.H.
Lot 10 E. Glover, P.B. and W. Cassady.
Lot 11 Canada Co.
Lot 12 J. French.
Lot 13 Z. Landon and R. Jamieson.
Lot 14 J. French and S. McCready.
Lot 15 A. Heron.
Lot 16 R. Bunker and W. Basslanza.
Lot 17 Ja. Welch and O.B.
Lot 18 Kings College.
Lot 19 E.B. Cattle.
Lot 20 S. Hollyer, A.R. and B.R.
Lot 21 H. Cowan and Hugh Aker.
Lot 22 Ja. McKinnin.
Lot 23 E. Willson, A. Willson and J. Willson.
Lot 24 R. Reed and W. Reed.

Lot 1 Hamilton, H. Myer, J. Potts and Sylvester Brown.
Lot 2 J. Gradon, J. Bowen and A. Gravitt.
Lot 3 W. Powell Esq. and Clergy Reserve.
Lot 4 Susan Miller and Reb. Zarity.
Lot 5 J. Thompson and Canada Co.
Lot 6 Amelia Harris.
Lot 7 F.& DeB.
Lot 8 F.& DeB.
Lot 9 J.K. Simmons and R. Baldwin.
Lot 10 Clergy Reserve, J.K.S. and J.J.
Lot 11 S.T. Spouse, K. Armstrong and Geo. Ronson.
Lot 12 P. Cline, J.H. Smith and P. Fisher.
Lot 13 Peter Fisher.
Lot 14 Peter Fisher.
Lot 15 Wm. Shaw and J.D. Willard.
Lot 16 J. & W. McMaster.
Lot 17 H. Franklin and W. Shaw.
Lot 18 Kings College, J. McKinnin and O.B.H.
Lot 19 T.C. Street.
Lot 20 John Booth.
Lot 21 J. Robinson and King College.
Lot 22 J. & A. Robinson, J. Marshlin and D. Tate.
Lot 23 R. Hellyer, E.S. Hellyer and S. Hellyer.
Lot 24 P. McGill and P. Wilson.

Windham Township, Norfolk County.

The Cons run from east to west, the Lots are mostly rectangle running north and south. I will be including town names and other landmarks in the Lot or Lots where they occur.
Lot 1 J. Winegartener.
Lot 2 W. House and J. Wallace. (Road to Brantford)
Lot 3 E. Nickerson and J. Wallace Esq.
Lot 4 J. Woodley and J. Wallace Esq.
Lot 5 S. Miller and P. Tallman.
Lot 6 W. Andrews and P. Tallman
Lot 7 W. Freeman and Crook Estate.
Lot 8 A. Roswell and P. Tallman.
Lot 9 F.A. Gorring and J. Combs.
Lot 10 R. McC. and Geo. Woods.
Lot 11 J. Oakley
Lot 12 J. Potts.
Lot 13 W.N. Frinkinbagh and J. Swift.
Lot 14 J. Allamas and Chas. Almas.
Lot 15 J. Winchell and G.W. Edmonds.
Lot 16 R. Ingersoll and J. Wood.
Lot 17 M. Teeple, W.B. Teeple, T. Leach and A. Simons.
Lot 18 J. Buckberry, R. Buddberry and J. Bates.
Lot 19 (can't read)
Lot 20 R. Regelsmith, Almas and C. Lorrey.
Lot 21 E. Jackson, A. Powell and G. Moore.
Lot 22 Mary Harris.
Lot 23 M. Harris and Canada Co.
Lot 24 R. Davis and E. Palmer.

Lot 1 J. Wingarden and E. Forsyth.
Lot 2 A. Butler and S. Shelden.
Lot 3 W. Freeman.
Lot 4 J.P. Smith, A. Butler and J. Church.
Lot 5 T. Miller, J. Potts and J. Church.
Lot 6 A. Butler.
Lot 7 S. Miller and J. Wallace Esq.
Lot 8 H. Knight and J. Wallace Esq.
Lot 9 John Shepard.
Lot 10 Clergy Reserve.
Lot 11 John Allgeo.
Lot 12 E.B. Littlehales.
Lot 13 E.B. Littlehales.
Lot 14 E.B. Littlehales.
Lot 15 Kings College and P. McSloy.
Lot 16 J. Malcomb.
Lot 17 J. Hull, J.W. and J. Malcomb.
Lot 18 W. Cornell, J. Hull and J. Winskill.
Lot 19 J. Hull, A. Axeford and Wm. Davis.
Lot 20 A. Powell, A. Kelly and J. Winskill.
Lot 21 O. Fish.
Lot 22 Clergy Reserve, R.S. Rowley and J. McIcomb.
Lot 23 W. Davis.
Lot 24 M. Camp.

Lot 1 M. Fenney and Ch. Petitt.
Lot 2 M. Lowry and J. Glover.
Lot 3 C. Kitchen and G. McLean.
Lot 4 M. Lowry, D.L. and J. Bartholomew.
Lot 5 D. Lowry, A. Anderson, J. Sumner, J. Potts and D. Rowley.
Lot 6 J. Potts, A. Anderson and D. Rowley.
Lot 7 J.L. and R.A. Clement.
Lot 8 J.C. Church and M. Lowry Esq.
Lot 9 J.& G. Church T. Coots and W. Freeman.
Lot 10 J.& C. Usher.
Lot 11 Canada Co., D. Beemer and J. Bartholomew.
Lot 12 E.B. Littlechales and B. Reed.
Lot 13 E.B. Littlechales.
Lot 14 E.B. Littlechales.
Lot 15 W. Walker, D. Kelso and J. Johnson.
Lot 16 D. Kelso, J. Fletcher and W. Canada.
Lot 17 Geo. Hagarman and Jo. Hagarman.
Lot 18 Jo. Hagarman, J. Middough, J. Silverthorn and H. McA.
Lot 19 J. Silverthorn and J. McAugh.
Lot 20 B. Seaton and S. McCurdy.
Lot 21 W. Book and P. Seaton.
Lot 22 S.& J. Kelly, R. Kelly and Stephen's Family.
Lot 23 W. Pickup, R.A.R., J. Reenhers.
Lot 24 S. Kelly and W. Kelly.

Lot 1 R. Mellon and D.S. Bowlby.
Lot 2 T. Jones, D.S. Bowlby and W. Thomas.
Lot 3 S.B. Petitt, Clergy Reserve and W. smith.
Lot 4 G.N. Clement and J.N. Clement.
Lot 5 J. Bartholomew and A. Bartholomew.
Lot 6 R.A. Clement.
Lot 7 G.M. Clement, Fields and W.A. Bull.
Lot 8 G.M. Clement, Fields and W.A. Bull.
Lot 9 G.N.C., J.N.C., J.D.C. and W.A. Bull.
Lot 10 J. Chambers, W. Dale and W. Green.
Lot 11 T.C.S., T. Beemer and S. Miller.
Lot 12 T.S. Street and A. Beam.
Lot 13 J. Smith, W.P. Shane, S. Green and J. Teeter.
Lot 14 J. Smith, W.P. Shane, S. Green, G. Teeter and J. Teeter.
Lot 15 J.W. Olliver.
Lot 16 Philip Slaght and J.C.
Lot 17 Geo. Teeter and John Hagarman.
Lot 18 J. Hagarman and Geo. Hagarman.
Lot 19 W. Marlott and D. House.
Lot 20 J. Tafford.
Lot 21 W. Mingle, and C. Book.
Lot 22 D. Butler and D. Bertran.
Lot 23 M. Reavley.
Lot 24 G. Bastedo.

Lot 1 M. Searles and N. Langs.
Lot 2 Moses Searles and C. Sovereen.
Lot 3 J.N. Clement.
Lot 4 A. Bartholomew and Canada Co.
Lot 5 J.N. Clement.
Lot 6 W.H. Feilds and J.N. Clement.
Lot 7 J.N. Clement.
Lot 8 J.N. Clement.
Lot 9 B. Reed, S. Swain and S. Miller.
Lot 10 H. Mitchell and P. Wingardener.
Lot 11 E. Reed, H.G., J.A. Hall and H. Graves.
Lot 12 M. Baikley and Baikley Estate.
Lot 13 H. Foster, W. Silverthorn and Geo. Teeter.
Lot 14 Geo. Teeter, C.A. Hooper and W. Dakins.
Lot 15 D.C., J. Clarke and A.M. Hone.
Lot 16 H. Henry and A. Muckedlone.
Lot 17 D. McVickers and F. Hill.
Lot 18 Hon. J. Willson.
Lot 19 Hon. J. Willson.
Lot 20 Hon. J. Willson.
Lot 21 Geo. Crane and W. Jander.
Lot 22 Wm. Moore and R. House.
Lot 23 D. Hagarman. W. Bertran and J. McLean.
Lot 24 W. Bertran and D. Bertran.

Lot 1 N. Langs and J. Rymal.
Lot 2 L.L. Sovereign, W. Chesley and J.H. Hardwell.
Lot 3 J.R., C. Case, J.M., A. McD. and J. Robins.
Lot 4 David Weaver.
Lot 5 Kings College.
Lot 6 W.G. Feilds.
Lot 7 D. Silverthorn and J. DeFeilds.
Lot 8 J. Bartholomew, J.B. Smith and H. Bennett.
Lot 9 F. Geuerd and W. Mabee.
Lot 10 J. Silverthorn.
Lot 11 D. Young, S. Johnson and J. Mills.
Lot 12 E. Palmer, J. Dale, I. Reed and H. Hyson.
Lot 13 J. Parasole, T. Mitchell and A. Smith.
Lot 14 Kings College.
Lot 15 S. Johnson.
Lot 16 Kings College.
Lot 17 Ja. McKnight.
Lot 18 Hon. J. Willson and Mrs. Arnold.
Lot 19 Hon. J. Willson and Mrs. Arnold.
Lot 20 Amos Petitt and J. Markle.
Lot 21 R. Markle and H. Vansycle.
Lot 22 J. Miller, M.P. Lee, T. Philmore and W.F. Lawrence.
Lot 23 M. Olmsted, J. McLean and R. Purtell.
Lot 24 W. Mason and J. Mason.

Lot 1 J.S. Hartwell and L.L Sovereign.
Lot 2 J.S. Hartwell and Levi L. Sovereign.
Lot 3 A.S., J. Munro and D. Terryberry.
Lot 4 J. Leffler and L.L. Sovereign.
Lot 5 J. Massecar and W. Blinkinship.
Lot 6 Alfred Bowlby.
Lot 7 Henry Graff.
Lot 8 Henry Graff.
Lot 9 C. Hill and R. Kelly.
Lot 10 Joel Petitt and J. Silverthorn.
Lot 11 S. DePew and Ch. Robertson. (North part of Windham Centre)
Lot 12 E. Green. (North part of Windham Centre)
Lot 13 Lands of the Nelles Family.
Lot 14 Lands of the Nelles Family.
Lot 15 Lands of the Nelles Family.
Lot 16 G. Holmes, F. Holmes and Clergy Reserve.
Lot 17 E. Ferguson, E. Forsyth and H.S. Glover.
Lot 18 H. Vansickle and E. Mother.
Lot 19 J. Beloe, J. Bole and D. Estate.
Lot 20 J. Cook and J. Beloe.
Lot 21 Canada Co. and J. Beacham.
Lot 22 Jerm. Tupper.
Lot 23 M. Sartle and Canada Co.
Lot 24 B. Shaw, B. McCaffray and R. Phillips.

Lot 1 R. Gordon and R. Anderson.
Lot 2 J. Conklin and S. Scovell.
Lot 3 Wm. Dawson and S. Saylor.
Lot 4 J. Leffler and J. Marklem.
Lot 5 J. Bloomfield, Kings College, and M. Murray.
Lot 6 D. Pursell, J. Pursell and A. Slaght.
Lot 7 J. Pursell, F. Snyder and J. Sagen.
Lot 8 T.C. Street and A. Harris.
Lot 9 T.C. Street and J.M. Colver.
Lot 10 L.L. Sovereign and Ch. Robertson.
Lot 11 H. Baker and J. Wymer. (South part of Windham Centre)
Lot 12 H. Baker and F. Snyder. (South part of Windham Centre)
Lot 13 S. Heron.
Lot 14 S. Petitt and (can't read).
Lot 15 J. Thackery and W. Hunter.
Lot 16 P. Stetler, J. Stetler and T.C. Street.
Lot 17 Clergy Reserve.
Lot 18 J.M. Glover and B. Armstrong.
Lot 19 D. Estate, E. Cromby and D. Birk.
Lot 20 Canada Co.
Lot 21 J. McCaffray, J. Birisk and M.G. Smith.
Lot 22 W. McCaffray.
Lot 23 John Baels and A. McDonald.
Lot 24 J. Hyment.

Lot 1 W. Bowlby.
Lot 2 J. Langs and G. Force.
Lot 3 Wm. Force.
Lot 4 G.E. Force.
Lot 5 Hy. Fonger and J. Kitchen.
Lot 6 H. Fonger, W. Barril, S. Wood and W. Ramage.
Lot 7 Oliver Cinete and W. Lattimore.
Lot 8 H.R. Ramage and J. Griffin.
Lot 9 D. Ferguson and G. Morris.
Lot 10 T.A. Culver and T. Colver.
Lot 11 J. Boys, E. Pettit and H. Baker.
Lot 12 Harriette Mitchell.
Lot 13 E. Petitt, W. Hansfield and E. Hilliker.
Lot 14 J.G. Petitt and Jo. Petitt.
Lot 15 W. Hunter, R. Howey, J. Butler and A.B.
Lot 16 H. Clark, J. Shaver and R. Dawson.
Lot 17 Turner Lands.
Lot 18 John Collville.
Lot 19 W.L. Smart, J. Millard and M. Trembley.
Lot 20 J.N. Smith and J.B. Haviland.
Lot 21 V. Detinger and Jo. Detinger.
Lot 22 M. McDonald and J. Detinger.
Lot 23 J. Flick Sr and J. Flick Jr.
Lot 24 J. Herman and J. Neah Esq.

Lot 1 J. Langs.
Lot 2 E. Langs.
Lot 3 John Robins.
Lot 4 G.F. Force and D.W. Freeman Esq.
Lot 5 D.W. Freeman and J. Shaver.
Lot 6 J. Shaver and T.C.H.
Lot 7 S. Wood, T.C.H., Culver and Axford.
Lot 8 F.Fray, T.H. Clark and W. Miller.
Lot 9 M.J. Usher.
Lot 10 Stanton and Tate.
Lot 11 Mrs. Anderson.
Lot 12 D.W. Freeman and Mrs. Anderson.
Lot 13 T.C. Street, L. Lewis and J. Robins.
Lot 14 T.C. Street.
Lot 15 Canada Co. and J.M. Culver.
Lot 16 E.D. Smith.
Lot 17 H. Wheeler.
Lot 18 Geo. Snyder.
Lot 19 Ja. Turnbull and A. McCrimmon.
Lot 20 O.J. Gillett and W. Wade.
Lot 21 V. Detinger and E. Ryan.
Lot 22 W. Turnbull and Jo. Budd.
Lot 23 Ja. Siatt and John Bain.
Lot 24 L.S. and J.& M. Krimmer.

Lot 1 N.C. Collver, J.M. Collver and J.R. McL. Esq.
Lot 2 John M. Collver and J. Robins.
Lot 3 John Robins and Asa Collver.
Lot 4 S. Hendershott and M. Millard.
Lot 5 W. Hunter, D. Hunter and E.A. Hunter.
Lot 6 J. Axford, S. Axford and D. Collver.
Lot 7 D. Shaw, B. Hilliker, J. Hilliker and E. Hilliker.
Lot 8 N. Boughner, S. Curding and D. Millard.
Lot 9 Levi Fonger and J. Hendershott.
Lot 10 H. Land and J.R. McIntosh.
Lot 11 Canada Co.
Lot 12 J.K. Clendining.
Lot 13 A. Heron.
Lot 14 C. Person and W. Person.
Lot 15 Marg. Nelles.
Lot 16 J.M. Collver.
Lot 17 J. Boughner and N.J. Boughner.
Lot 18 W.Wade and J. Kitchen.
Lot 19 A. McCrimmon and M. Vandertip.
Lot 20 S. DeGraw and H. Swayze.
Lot 21 F. Sovereen.
Lot 22 S.D. Budd, A. Sovereen and W.L. Sovereen.
Lot 23 John Kitchen.
Lot 24 J. Harris, J. Carlisle and J. Lawson.

Lot 1 Nelson Collver and P. Vasbinder.
Lot 2 Edwin Collver and Orin Collver.
Lot 3 Philip Butler.
Lot 4 Cha. Vasbinder and N. Vasbinder.
Lot 5 N.C. Widner and D. Collver.
Lot 6 J. Kellum and A. Horning.
Lot 7 Boughner, Coombes, Smith and P. Force.
Lot 8 Horning, J.B., M.B. and U.A.B.
Lot 9 Millard, J. Boughner, S. Sovereen and J. Berry.
Lot 10 Cha. DePew and A. McKay.
Lot 11 H. Humphrey and J. Lampman.
Lot 12 J.W. VanDusen and J.H. Petitt.
Lot 13 John Cline.
Lot 14 W. Richardson.
Lot 15 Canada Co. and A. Misner.
Lot 16 W. Richardson, J. Potts and D.W.C.
Lot 17 Clergy Reserve.
Lot 18 G.H. Merkland.
Lot 19 T. Smith and Crown Land.
Lot 20 W.L. Sovereen, W. Sanderson and Sela Mills.
Lot 21 D. Howey and Harvey Howey.
Lot 22 A.& W.L. Sovereen.
Lot 23 J.A. Wilson and J. Lawson Jr.
Lot 24 J. Lawson Sr.

Lot 1 J. Widner and D. Matthews Esq.
Lot 2 J. Widner and D. Matthews Esq.
Lot 3 J.H. Wilson and R. Dell.
Lot 4 S. Sovereen, N.C. Widner and W. Sterling.
Lot 5 J. Widner, N.C. Widner, W. Sterling.
Lot 6 N.C. Widner, M. Boughner and A. Young.
Lot 7 W. Wood, C. Burlingham and W. Fawla.
Lot 8 J. Boughner, W. Boughner and E. Wood.
Lot 9 J. Humphrey, W. Goodland and J.C. Petitt.
Lot 10 J. Whitehead and D. Matthews.
Lot 11 Canada Co.
Lot 12 W. Richardson.
Lot 13 Houston and Ironsides, E. Secord and J. Bates.
Lot 14 Houston and Ironsides.
Lot 15 H. Ironsides and A. Lamb.
Lot 16 A. Silverthorn and A. Garner.
Lot 17 Lewis Malcomb and A. Smith.
Lot 18 Sela Mills and J.R. Ellis.
Lot 19 C. Fuller and W. Barker.
Lot 20 John Carlisle and J. Phelps.
Lot 21 A. Sovereen and W. Cole Sr.
Lot 22 J.K. Smith and W. Cole Jr.
Lot 23 J.R. Wilson and W. Cole Jr.
Lot 24 J.A. Wilson, P. Cline and S.C. Wilson.

Lot 1 J.L. Davis and A. Walsh. (Town of Simcoe)
Lot 2 John L. Davis. (Town of Simcoe)
Lot 3 John L. Davis. L.G. Sovereen and Wm. Silverthorn. (Town of Simcoe)
Lot 4 W.P. Petitt and J. Kindre.
Lot 5 L. Sovereen, J.M. Salmon, J.G. LePew and J.H. Hunt Esq.
Lot 6 J. Berry and John Mills.
Lot 7 J. Mills, W. Petitt and R.G.
Lot 8 F. Walsh, J. Mills and J.B. Bostwick.
Lot 9 Joseph McCool.
Lot 10 M. Humphrey, T. Baker and J.W. Whitehead.
Lot 11 J.C. Petitt and A. Leask.
Lot 12 G.C.S. Kent and D. Campbell.
Lot 13 Jacob Petitt and A. Buckwell.
Lot 14 A. Buckwell and B. Yeomans.
Lot 15 W. Osbourne.
Lot 16 Jer. Green and Peter Jones.
Lot 17 D. Campbell and P. Bowman.
Lot 18 E. Silverthorn and O. Burnham.
Lot 19 J. Carrow, Ja. Carrow and W. Birch.
Lot 20 N. Potts and Ad. Chipps.
Lot 21 D.C. Swayze and H. Mills.
Lot 22 P. Mills, S. Brown and S. Smith.
Lot 23 R. Storey and J. Mabee.
Lot 24 Peter Cline, J. Carrow and (can't read).

Woodhouse Township, Norfolk County.

The Cons run from east to west, the Lots are mostly rectangle running north and south. I will be including town names and other landmarks in the Lot or Lots where they occur.
Lot 1 Durwin (?), White, Culver, Mrs. Harris and J. Wail.
Lot 2 Rev. Geo. Ryersee, Town of Cape Ryerse, H. Lyger and Wm. Ryersee.
Lot 3 Major F.P. Ryersee, Town of Port Ryerse and J.A. Bowlby.
Lot 4 Col. E. Gilbert, Edm. Gilbert, H. Jones and J.A. Bowlby.
Lot 5 W. Thompson, J.A. Lyons, W. Murphy and W. Pollok.
Lot 6 J.A. Lyons Esq. and Rectory.
Lot 7 W. Dixon, Richard Mead and J.A. Bowlby.
Lot 8 B. Mead, L. Mann and G. Duncan.
Lot 9 J. McCoy and W. Dixon.
Lot 10 F. Marr, T. Waters Esq. and Town of Port Dover.
Lot 11 Town of Port Dover,
Lot 12 A. Nicholl and Town of Port Dover.
Lot 13 R. Nicholl, T. Waters and Dr. Sovereen.
Lot 14 D. Smith, A. Law and Smith's.
Lot 15 J. Corbett Sr, J. Corbett Jr and Corbett's.
Lot 16 F. Mink.
Lot 17 H. Slocum and J. Slocum.
Lot 18 Geo. Dean, Wm. Price and Galloway.
Lot 19 W. Perett and T. Jones.
Lot 20 A. Fanre, J. Bannister and T. Cooper.
Lot 21 J. Brown, E. Staley and J. Marr.
Lot 22 H. Fulljames, J. Irwin and Ja. Alderson.
Lot 23 Jas. Hodson and H.B. Harding.
Lot 24 Rev. Drayson, Mr. J. Geigor and R. Paige.

Lot 1 Robert Walker, T. Kniffin and E. Kniffin.
Lot 2 T.C. Hunt and E. Eaton.
Lot 3 Late Dr. Graham and Geo. Jones.
Lot 4 Late Dr. Graham and J.A. Bowlby.
Lot 5 Dr. Graham, E. Doan and J.A. Bowlby.
Lot 6 J. Smith and E. Decow.
Lot 7 J. Blakley, E. Decow and Hoggatt.
Lot 8 W. Woolly.
Lot 9 J. Beaupre (?) and B. Williams.
Lot 10 H.A. McQueen.
Lot 11 H.A. McQueen and Alex. McQueen.
Lot 12 Alex. McQueen and A. Clark.
Lot 13 Thos. Stephens and Messrs Ryersees.
Lot 14 Messrs Ryersees.
Lot 15 H. Watts.
Lot 16 C. Olds.
Lot 17 C. Olds.
Lot 18 P. McKay.
Lot 19 C. Smith.
Lot 20 B. Law and R. Haysley.
Lot 21 E. Ronalds and H. Ronalds.
Lot 22 J. & S. McCartney and J. Blake.
Lot 23 E. Ronalds and H. Ronalds.
Lot 24 McIntosh and R. Ward.

Lot 1 Rectory and Jos. Culver.
Lot 2 S. Walker, J. Walker, Rectory and W. White.
Lot 3 \W. White and Austin.
Lot 4 P. Austin and J. Lesslie.
Lot 5 J. Lesslie and S. Walker.
Lot 6 E. Doan and J.C. Park.
Lot 7 E. Decow and J. Decow.
Lot 8 R. Waddle and J. Decow.
Lot 9 R. & J. Waddle.
Lot 10 E, Sidway and E. Doan.
Lot 11 R. Wiggins.
Lot 12 W. Shann and R. Tompkins.
Lot 13 W. Shann and W. Inness.
Lot 14 W. Stringer and A. Stringer.
Lot 15 W. Wilkerson.
Lot 16 A. Smith.
Lot 17 R. Marr.
Lot 18 R. Marr and C. Smith.
Lot 19 R. Marr, W. McBride and J. McBride.
Lot 20 W. Powell Esq. and Kirkpatrick.
Lot 21 A. Buckwell.
Lot 22 E. Ronalds.
Lot 23 A. Laing.
Lot 24 W. Scarlett.

Lot 1 A. Misner and H. Bowlby.
Lot 2 J. Steinhoff, Wm. Steinhoff and D. Marr.
Lot 3 G. Stanton.
Lot 4 H. Austin and D. Austin.
Lot 5 J. McLean.
Lot 6 T. Poole.
Lot 7 A. Allway, T. Teller and A. McKay.
Lot 8 J. Boughner.
Lot 9 A. Douglas and A. Ems.
Lot 10 Rectory.
Lot 11 J. Misner and A. Jamieson.
Lot 12 William Walker and A. Austin.
Lot 13 H. Kniffen and Wm. Mattice.
Lot 14 J. Butler.
Lot 15 D. Hazen and J. Russell.
Lot 16 George Walmsley.
Lot 17 P. Ryersee and P. Budgler.
Lot 18 G. Olds.
Lot 19 Olds, McBride, J. Marr and R. Marr.
Lot 20 P. Ryersee.
Lot 21 P. Ryersee.
Lot 22 J. Decow.
Lot 23 Isaac Bird.
Lot 24 Isaac Bird and Thos. Jaquar (?).

Lot 1 Judge Salmon and Capt. Owen.
Lot 2 Rectory and George Potts.
Lot 3 P. Potts, O.H. Falls, J. Potts and R. Potts.
Lot 4 E. Gilman, H. Stage and D. Stage.
Lot 5 J. Potts and S. Potts.
Lot 6 G. Culver and A. Potts.
Lot 7 Scott S. Butler and A. Austin.
Lot 8 A. Olds, P. Austin and Estate of J. Lemon.
Lot 9 D. Campbell Esq.
Lot 10 D. Weatherly and P. Weatherly.
Lot 11 Estate of J. Lemon and P. Pegg.
Lot 12 P. Pegg and A. Misner.
Lot 13 Jos. Wiggins.
Lot 14 J. Misner and A. Austin.
Lot 15 Dr. Park and D. Prentiss.
Lot 16 Hay Lands.
Lot 17 P. Donovan.
Lot 18 Hay Lands and S. Bowlby.
Lot 19 Hay Lands and S. Bowlby.
Lot 20 Misner & Collins, Estate of J. Fisher and W. Buck.
Lot 21 J. Horn and P. Ryersee.
Lot 22 W. Shann and T.C. Street.
Lot 23 Hy. Ronalds and W. Hemming.
Lot 24 Decow & Knight.

Lot 1 Culver Estate.
Lot 2 J.W. Ritchie Esq. and Rev. P. Steinhoff.
Lot 3 J.W. Ritchie Esq. and Rev. P. Steinhoff.
Lot 4 J.W. Ritchie Esq. and Rev. P. Steinhoff.
Lot 5 Geo. Culver.
Lot 6 A. Olds and A. Nelles.
Lot 7 D. Shoof and P.B. Pettit.
Lot 8 D. Prentiss, Hay Lands and Dr. Park.
Lot 9 Dr. Park and Hay Lands.
Lot 10 Estate of J. Austin and J. Allcorn.
Lot 11 M. OLeary, J. Wiggins and D. Cranson.
Lot 12 Estate of J. Blakie.
Lot 13 Levi Yager and A. Craik.
Lot 14 Mrs. Mary Crooks.
Lot 15 Estate of Geo. Kent and P. Austin.
Lot 16 N. Vail and J. Barry.
Lot 17 J.J. Huntley.
Lot 18 H. Ronalds.
Lot 19 Jas. Kemp, J. Jamieson and H. Sharo.
Lot 20 S. Forsyth, P. Worthly, P. Mitchell and Jas. Kemp.
Lot 21 G. Forsyth and H. Ronalds.
Lot 22 Clergy Reserve.
Lot 23 Wm. Hunter and J. Hagan.
Lot 24 A. Moblo and Decow & Knight.


In the years 1861 through 1890, several of the children of those Canadian settlers above moved their families to Kent, Montcalm, Ionia, and Saginaw Counties, Michigan. When I find Land Plat Maps for each area I will be adding them here.
William H. Walker moved from Norfolk Co., Ontario to Trufant, Montcalm Co., MI in 1865. He was followed by his widowed sister-in-law, Lorilda and her two youngest children, Margaret and John. They settled in Montcalm Co., MI. Lorilda's son William Baty Walker immigrated to Michigan in 1886. William Baty Walker and his wife Katherine Toner bought land and farmed in Day Twp., Montcalm Co., MI.

The transcription below is from the Plat Map, circa 1880, of Day Township, Montcalm County, Michigan. Located (T11N - R6W) north and east of the city of Stanton.
W. Stewart 10 acres, Fred Jensen 20 acres, Harry Hanson 160 acres, J.C. Hansen 80 acres, T. Simons 40 acres, I. Bruland 40 acres, R. Hansen 40 acres, Harry Heral 80 acres (includes a school house on the sw corner), N.Clark 40 acres, E.D. Hillard 60 acres and M. Eggleston 60 acres.
T.F. and L. Neff 260 acres, Fred Jansen 80 acres, Niles Hansen 80 acres, W. Nauta 80 acres, E. Hall 80 acres, J. Hansen 40 acres and H. Hockstra 40 acres.
F. Lamoreau 39 acres, H. Danhoff 40 acres, L. Jensen 80 acres, O.N. Jorgansen 40 acres, P. Peterson 40 acres, J.C. House Est. 40 acres, J.B. Winters 80 acres, L.A. Sherwood 40 acres, M. Sheiern 80 acres, G. Noske 80 acres, Otto Jorgansen 40 acres and P. Steinburg 40 acres.
H. Christensen 80 acres, H. Camp 80 acres, Mrs. Daniels 80 acres, Vilco Thompson 80 acres, G. Wort 40 acres, J. Church 40 acres, Mrs Hockstra 80 acres, A.P. Jensen 80 acres and J. Mortensen 80 acres.
J. Phillips 80 acres, P. Hovinger 40 acres, A.B. Thomas 80 acres, W. Daniels 80 acres, C.W. Fredrickson 40 acres, R. Hamilton 60 acres, F. Hansen 40 acres, J. Ruthruff 40 acres, John Steinburg 60 acres, Geo. Byers 40 acres and A.P. Jensen 40 acres.
W. Hamlin 80 acres, Clara Erriden 40 acres, Irving Jensen 80 acres, G.E. Larson 80 acres, O. West 60 acres, J. Ruthruff 60 acres, O. West 40 acres, Wm Hetzil 60 acres, W. Fuller 20 acres, S. Aimes 20 acres, G.A. 40 acres, D. Lewaller 40 acres and C. Anderson 40 acres.
G. Byers 40 acres, D. Laullart 40 acres, Johnson 40 acres, I. Laullart 40 acres, Lewis Park 70 acres, Job Gilbo 40 acres, E.V. Ellis 40 acres, Vacant, S. Neff 40 acres, J. De Ja 80 acres, R. Bafton 40 acres, G. Hopkins 40 acres, Ira Purdy 40 acres and J.C. Cavenauch 40 acres.
J. De Ja 80 acres, F. Neff 80 acres, H. Werner 80 acres, H. Newman 80 acres, M. Thomson 80 acres, H. Newman 80 acres, F. Neff 40 acres, W. Coles 40 acres, Land for the City of McBride and Neff and Son 40 acres.
Claude Brail 72 acres, C. Christensen ? acres, Leon Story 80 acres, T. Mortensen 40 acres, R. Forger ? acres, G. Wertz 20 Acres, G. Williams 20 acres, Land for the City of McBride, (?) Wonth 40 acres, G. Wertz 40 Acres, J.M. Neff 65 acres, H. Barton 40 acres, L.B. 20 acres, C. Hansen 40 acres and D. Perry 35 acres.
A. L. Sherwood 60 acres, F. Peterson 80 acres, M. Hockstra 80 acres, R. Hockstra 80 acres, A. Jensen 20 acres, A. Jensen 40 acres, A. Steinburg 120 acres and S.C. Mortensen 169 Acres.
H. Hockstra 80 acres, A. Jensen 80 acres, A. Zenski 80 acres, C. Hansen 80 acres, P. Teacer 160 acres, N. P. Mortensen 100 acres and E. Sabin 40 acres.
A. Eggleston 40 acres, Mrs. S. Watts 40 acres, Mrs H. Small 80 acres, C.W. Crum 40 acres, Fred Snyder 80 acres, A Johnson 40 acres, C.W. Crum 80 acres, J. Dopp 80 acres, C. Fields 80 acres and C. Seymour 80 acres.
P. Neilsen 106 acres, Otto Mack 80 acres, P. Pew 135 acres, J. McConnell 160 acres, F.M. Waldo 40 acres, C. Lillie 30 acres and J.W. Shaffer 40 acres.
C.E. Rasmussen 80 acres, Mrs. B. E. Story 80 acres, M. Johnston 40 acres, Roy Sabin 40 acres, H.P. Jensen 40 acres, C.E. Rasmussen 40 acres, E. Pickel 80 acres, S. Pickel 40 acres, M.A. Sakett 40 acres, J. Kimball 80 acres and M. Rogers 80 acres.
N. Christensen 40 acres, N. Christensen 40 acres, Mrs. S. Christinsen 80 acres, N. Christensen 40 acres, H.P. Jensen 40 acres, H.P. Jensen 40 acres, Neff and Son 160 acres and H.A. Sackett 160 acres.
F.S. 20 acres, G.V. 20 acres, C.M. 10 acres, H. McC 10 acres, Vacant 10 acres, A.J. Rodes 60 acres, G. McCred 80 acres, K. Honch 60 acres, F.S. Hillman 40 acres, L.B. Springer Estate, R.S. Griffith 80 acres, Ernest Church 80 acres, M.E. Fultz 40 acres and C. Ordmer 40 acres.
A. Perkins 40 acres, R. Griffith 80 acres, Vacant 40 acres, Mrs J. McCrea 80 acres, A. Perkins 40 acres, Marrin Estate 80 acres, A. Perkins 120 acres and M.J. Christian 160 acres.
J. Linton 40 acres, G. Hopkins 40 acres, A. Hall 80 acres, J. Gustavansen 80 acres, A. Perkins 40 acres, S. Perkins 40 acres, W. Walker 60 acres, Fred Nelson 60 acres, H.C. Hansen 40 acres, W. M. Jorgensen 80 acres and F. Boyer 80 acres.
(East side of Hemingway Lake) W. Walker 40 acres, F. Boyer 60 acres, H.C. Hansen 40 acres, F. Boyer 40 acres, D. Buscanning 40 acres, D. Towel 40 acres, E. Bennett 40 acres, M. Knight 40 acres, E. Stabins 40 acres, H. Hansen 40 acres, H. Hansen 40 acres, J.B. Henry 60 acres and J.B. Henry 178 acres.
J.W. Reed 120 acres (school house on sw corner), B.E. Codwell Estate 51 acres, B.E. Codwell Estate 80 acres, Add Nelson 40 acres, Dr. Bentley 40 acres, W.M. Rasmussen 160 acres, F.A. Wagner 80 acres, C. Chapin 40 acres and W. Buskirk 40 acres.
Neff and Son 200 acres, L. Jensen 80 acres, L. Kelley 40 acres, L. Kelley 40 acres, A. Hone 40 acres and R.K. Gillet 40 acres.
Neff and Son 480 acres (school house on ne corner), S. Hansen 40 acres, R. Jensen 40 acres and C. Fravel 80 acres.
H.K. Neilsen 80 acres, G. Froman 80 acres, W. Barkhuff 80 acres, Roy McConnell 80 acres, N.C. King 40 acres, W. Rogers 40 acres, E. Caser 80 acres, Chas. Zuver 120 acres and B. Tow 40 acres.
W. Rogers 40 acres, C. Lillie 40 acres, W. Avery 80 acres, R.C. Glibert 40 acres, R.C. Glibert 40 acres,L. Glibert 40 acres, L. & C. Roth 40 acres, Dr. Lilly 40 acres, A. Cook 40 acres, H. Casey 40 acres, H. Casey 30 acres, B. Johnson 40 acres, L. & C. Roth 40 acres and C.W. Sigourney 80 acres.
C.W. Sigourney 80 acres, Dr. Lilly 40 acres, S. Wolford 120 acres, T. Youngs 40 acres, F. Baker 40 acres, E. Rowan 160 acres and F. McCulley 120 acres.
G. Froman 40 acres, W. Barkhoff 40 acres, W.M. Johnson 80 acres, F. Tow 80 acres, Lloyd Frisbie 80 acres, E.L. Wilder 80 acres, B. Tow 80 acres, Lloyd Frisbie 40 acres, G. Woodman 40 acres, L. Hicks 40 acres and John Wright 40 acres.
E. Wagner 120 acres, H. Hallock 40 acres, N. Black 80 acres, G. Mook 80 acres (church on sw corner), N. Jorgensen 120 acres, G. Mack 40 acres, O.S. Bauman 80 acres, L. Coles 40 acres and C. Coles 40 acres.
W. Clouse 40 acres, W. Buskirk 40 acres, C. Kelly 40 acres, T. Reed 40 acres, R.D. Conklin 160 acres, W. Hansen 160 acres, L. Martin 40 acres, J. Harrin 40 acres, J. Lypps 40 acres and R. Lypps 40 acres.
Stanton Bank 60 acres, J. Stevens 60 acres, F.A. Wagner 40 acres, H. Nelson 40 acres, H. Knight 60 acres, Simeon Marton 80 acres, W.S. 20 acres, C. Barker 40 acres, Abe Marton 80 acres and M. Martin 160 acres.
E. Bennett 80 acres, Mrs. S. Clevenger 120 acres, Mrs. S. Clevenger 97 acres, Stanton Bank 20 acres, A. Buck 40 acres, E. Epley 10 acres, A. Caruthers 40 acres, (?) McK , Vacant Lot, Vacant Lot and P.F. Lot.
Stanton Bank 90 acres, A.R. Lot, C.H. Lot, J.E. Noy 25 acres, J. Fitzsimmons 80 acres, H.H. Hinds 160 acres and Land of the City of Stanton.
Thos. Hinds 40 acres, W. Barker 40 acres, E. Hardy 40 acres, E. Hardy 40 acres, Abe Martin Estate 80 acres, Manno Martin 160 acres, Peter Miller 80 acres, S. Chapin 40 acres, C.N. King 60 acres and M. Huber Estate 60 acres.
S. Martin 160 acres, A. Steffensen 79 (school house on ne corner), F. Bueholz 80 acres, J. Willard 120 acres, S. Chapin 40 acres, M. Corl 80 acres, B. Chapan 40 acres and J.A. Hinsley 40 acres.
F. Savage 80 acres (church in the middle of the north border), Geo. Cleary 40 acres, Fred Tow 40 acres, F. Jensen 80 acres, P.A. Savage 80 acres, B. Chapen 40 acres, F. Jensen 40 acres, W.E. Olin 40 acres, S. Chapin 20 acres, W.J. 40 acres, N.A. Eldridge 40 acres, P. Droust 40 acres and J. Burr 80 acres.
P. Frisbey 80 acres, Geo. Beety 80 acres, L. Wicks 40 acres, John Wright 40 acres, O.R. Rush 80 acres, G. Krum 175 acres, M. Krum 105 acres and E.C. Stolze 40 acres.
G. Wicks 80 acres, O. Ashbaugh 80 acres, J. Brand 120 acres, Mrs. P. Timmons 40 acres, D. Chapin 50 acres, J. Brand 60 acres, E. Sullivan 40 acres, W. Hartman 40 acres, F. Hiford 30 acres, W. Randell 20 acres, J. Hensley 40 acres and E. Sullivan 40 acres.

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BMD-Certificates for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

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